How tourism destroys Nature….. Everest…

A small example of how we are destroying the nature's beauty. Everest summit has been a boom in past two decades and it will be too late for us to realize what we have done to the spiritual and one of the beautiful places in the world. Once upon a time it was considered to... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 58

Benefits of eating home-cooked meal It is strongly suggested that we should have home-cooked meal at least 5 times a week that is proven to increase your lifetime. Here are some common benefits: Healthier ingredients: No one can deny the fact that commercially prepared foods are high in fat and sugar. Our parents make sure... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 57

Chinese potato The egg-shaped tubers are similar to our native potato and native to India and west Africa. It is Cultivated majorly in west Africa and South east Asia. No one know who gave the name Chinese potato as it is said that is available since 1440. Chinese Potato is useful in treating stomach disorders,... Continue Reading →

Why Pongal/Makar Sankranti is celebrated?

Pongal aka Makara Sankranti is a thanks giving festival specially for getting sunlight, enough rain during their cultivating season. Pongal is the celebration to mark the first harvest of the year and celebrated all over India that coincides with Makar Sankranti. Origin: It is said that Pongal festival has been in existence 1000 years ago . The Word... Continue Reading →

False Sense

Society is a false sense of being. Humans have been given a great gift from nature, and we are destroying it. One who feels a great sense of essence in the mind of peace like meditation through his or her epiphany of the roots of their nature will they see truth. I say that out... Continue Reading →

Cherished memories of School days – Part II ….!

.................................While 10th and 12th standards were seriously focused from teachers to Principal, being in class 11 we enjoyed the freedom to the core. In other means we had the control over the campus. Most importantly we were allowed to participate in every sports event be it is kho-kho, hockey or Volleyball, Basketball and Cricket. Being... Continue Reading →

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