How tourism destroys Nature….. Everest…

A small example of how we are destroying the nature’s beauty.

Everest summit has been a boom in past two decades and it will be too late for us to realize what we have done to the spiritual and one of the beautiful places in the world.

Once upon a time it was considered to be a huge achievement reaching the top of Mount Everest and is considered the best place to avoid people and feel the spirituality, but now it is actually way too full of people. The regular visits by the people every year is turning the peaceful mountain into a depressing dump yard.

You would say, ” I am not a tourist and going on a spiritual journey summiting Mount Everest”. Yes it was………………..

It was, during the initial days when mountaineers Tenzing Norgay and Edmund hillary summited Mount Everest in 1953. It was a real feat when humans reached the top for the first time.

In current generation, the tour agencies help over 100,000 people climb Everest every year as per reports. Now how this is affecting the beauty..

  1. Climbers abandon over loaded equipment, tents, foods and much more on their way which mountain accumulates approximately 50 tons of trash every year.
  2. It is estimated that Everest tourists annually leave behind 30,000 pounds of pee and poop every year. Being at high altitudes, it takes long time to disintegrate.
  3. This one is even worse…. Everest is also covered up with dead bodies. It is said that one in every 10 successful have died during the summit and its obvious they will never decompose due to frigid temperature.

The Sherpas(guide) actually use these dead bodies as a map to navigate and more than visitors its their life at stake taking care of tourists. To be frank as a tourist we are ruining this sacred mountain by polluting it.

Sad part is the Government of Nepal can do nothing to control the amount of people climbing the mountain. Being the low income nation, they agree to as many people as the outsiders want. Mount Everest is their only major profiting sector.

On a sad note we the people ruin everything everywhere…….!!

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  1. This is just plain sad. I had no idea how trashy it was becoming. I suppose it shouldn’t be that big of a surprise. As you said, us humans trash everything. I also found it interesting the guides use the dead bodies as markers. If 1 in 10 people die, and 300,000 people visit a year, that means 30,000 people die there every year. With this and the trash, it’s a wonder people still consider it such a spiritual hike.

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    1. Yes most of the people just spoil the nature wherever they go…… If only they realize as a people instead of an individual they ll know how much trash we are leaving behind…
      that’s right when we destroy the nature it is no more a spiritual journey
      thank you so much for your comment..

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    1. Yes it’s sad Shakshi..
      Problem is people think as an individual and one man’s trash won’t make a difference, but we see as people it’s a huge dump…
      I just hope people will change with the technology

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    1. That’s sad and it hurts more when we can’t do anything about it…
      the people who go on their spiritual journey should think about trashing their waste or else in future it will sure be a dump yard

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  2. It is so important to have information. I never knew bodies were simply left there. Not even families came to retrieve loved one wow. The environmental impact is staggering and I am surprised there isn’t an agency or two with a mission to maintain the naturally beautiful place

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    1. Yes that’s obvious… people die there are left as for others it ll be a burden….
      yes there’s no control or track on maintaining the natural habitat… Nepal government is helpless in this case

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  3. These facts are depressing…always thought this is one journey not to be missed in life.
    Wish people were more considerate and careful about the environment and the places they visit. After all it’s the least we could do for mother nature.

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    1. The Journey is precious one in everyone’s life but people forget that on their journey they should take care of nature as well..
      There are people who take their trash back… if this is the case well and good..
      As long as people think as a larger population and think of trashing, they will not do so to the natural beauty…. Hope we learn for it..

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      1. Hmm the cleanliness of surroundings and the ecological sensitive areas shld start from the grass root level education system that is school. Once it’s deep rooted in a child’s mind he or she will never think of doing otherwise….
        And a short session addressing about not leaving trash behind shld be given to all who attempts to climb the Everest.

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      2. Problem is people think as an individual what will be the difference that thinking make them to leave the trash wherever they want… As long as plastics stays here its difficult to recover the same it was before..

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  4. This is such a sad affair – in the recent govt. Shutdown one of the national park was closed for the entire time and sea lions found themselves home in the park they have not ventured for a long time.

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    1. Yes we don’t deserve this planet for ruining its natural resources… but I just hope somewhere within mankind still exist and we shall act in favor of nature..
      Thanks for stopping by..

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  5. Since there is so much desire by so many to climb this mountain, I wonder if the Nepal government has ever considered charging an environmental fee to each climber that could be used to pay people to bring back garbage and dead bodies. If they’d done that from the start, a considerable fund would have built up. But I suppose no one foresaw the extent of Everest tourism.

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    1. I wish if that could happen…
      But as far as I know it is highly impossible for the people to bring back the dead bodies from those frigid temperature areas… but yes bringing back garbage has to be worked on..
      Thanks for stopping by Audrey..

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  6. Thank you so much for writing and posting this. Truly shocking. Makes me think of the plastic in the ocean and all the other things we are doing to destroy our only true home, Mother Earth.

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    1. That’s right.. Current situation in Everest is just at initial state……
      Oceans and forests are already in deep threat..
      As said plastics being the major disaster..
      I just hope we understand the importance of Natural resources..


    1. Yes it is… plastics being the main culprit…
      Every year thousands of ppl just die and the human waste is destroying Mother Nature….
      I hope so…


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