The Awesome Impact Award

Hello My Dear Bloggers, I am happy to be nominated ” The Awesome Impact Award ” by Prasath. Thanks a lot for nominating my name and congrats to you for being nominated. All the best for your future.   Thanks to the creator RAD GAMER for initiating such award to encourage bloggers. I would also thank Akshaya... Continue Reading →

Dhyan Chand – Inspiration of sports Magician of Hockey

One of the best examples of inspirational leaders is Major Dhyan Singh ‘Chand’. Fondly remembered as the wizard of hockey, Dhyan Chand is the most legendary Indian sports star of all time. Dhyan chand was an Indian Hockey player, who is considered as the greatest Hockey player in the history of the sport. Born as Dhyan... Continue Reading →

Velcro – Innovative invention inspired by Burdock

Creation of Velcro, a practical, time-saving product that is found everywhere, from jackets, to gloves to backpacks. In 1941 a Swiss engineer named George de Mestral was hunting in rural Switzerland when he noticed small burrs from what was later identified as the Burdock plant stuck to his pant leg. De Mestral wondered how the tiny hooks of the... Continue Reading →

Chennai – How it got renamed

Chennai also known by its former name Madras is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Before 1639, villages like Mylapore, Tiruvallikeni, Tiruvanmiyur and Tiruvottriyur existed. These villages have in the course of time become parts of Madras city. The old inscriptions found in the temples of these villages do not throw any... Continue Reading →

KAROLY TAKACS – Don’t worry about what you’ve lost, focus on what you still have.

Karoly Takacs of the Hungarian Army, was top pistol shooter in the world for men’s 25 metre rapid fire pistol. He had won many national and international championship in shooting. He was preparing for Olympics 1940 and was expected to win Gold for his nation. But one day in 1938 during his army session a hand... Continue Reading →

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