Last day of the year 2018

Here's a small try::::: On the last day of the year we have so much to cherish for, To find the purpose of our existence, And live our life with persistence. To live a life of compassion And forgive all of their actions. We have had lot of struggles and pain this year, So does... Continue Reading →

Cherished memories of School days – Part I …!

Memories plays a major role in overcoming mood swings. For me School days were the best memories so far in my life. Thinking about the school days makes me delightful and a bit sad just because I can't re-live them. Here is a small prose dedicated to the best School I have lived. Getting up... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 56

Placing moist cotton balls with peppermint oil wherever the pests tend to gather will make them get out and stay out. Ants, silverfish, caterpillars and mice register the mint’s strong menthol scent as an olfactory alarm, which will keep them away.

Liebster Award

I am grateful to be nominated for Liebster Award by two wonderful emerging Bloggers Neha and thoughtsmakeu. This will be my last award post.Talk Exchange..! Her blog is a must visit for her positive thoughts and inspiring posts. Thoughts Make U  I followed her blog specially for her posts on Exceptional tourist places in Southern... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 55

Henna (Mehendi) Henna has been used traditionally to treat hair and scalp problems. Apart from coloring hair, henna has been used as a medicinal plant over the centuries because of its many health benefits. Henna is said to be originated in Asia and popularly known as Mehendi in India. It is also said that since... Continue Reading →

A Rhyme – For the Rhythm of School life

Here’s our first collab in memory of school days..
It has been a pleasure writing a poem with you…!!

Anamika's Blog

Dear readers and fellow bloggers, “A Rhyme for the Rhythm of School life” is a joint effort by Chiru and Anamika at remembering the glorious and nostalgic evergreen School days and the growing up stage. This is our first collab and we immensely enjoyed doing it together. Hope all of you enjoy this and remember the glorious days of yours too while taking this trip with us..
Chiru as you all know, is an amazing blogger and have been inspiring other bloggers and readers with his inspirational posts and the ever helpful Health tips. His popularity among the readers is evident by his blog’s reflection on us. So please visit his Inspire&Change and enjoy his ever popular posts.
Thank you Chiru, for this opportunity to do a beautiful collab with you and for a beautiful walk down the memory lane.

15196630491481519663049145f2iu8019253999925761687A Rhyme – For the Rhythm of School life

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6th Sunshine blogger award

I’ve been nominated for this award for more than 5 times now but something that never gets old as I feel excited when i receive such nomination and specially answering their questions. I’d like to thank the motivating blogger Sumeet(Accidental blogger) for the nomination. Sumeet is an amazing blogger with full of motivational posts. If... Continue Reading →

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