Luni- The Indian river which does not meet any sea

There is an intriguing river in India which does not meet any larger water body at the end of its course. This fascinating river is Luni. The Luni River originates at an elevation of 772 meters from the Naga hills of Aravalli Range in Ajmer district of Rajasthan. The Luni River begins near Ajmer in... Continue Reading →


Maylynnong – An Inspiration for cleanliness

Maylynnong lies in the North Eastern state of Meghalaya, in the East Khasi Hills district. It is considered to be the cleanest village in Asia. What in Maylynnong inspires us? 1) Mawlynnong is known for its cleanliness. The village is clean not because there's low level of waste, it is because the local villagers clean their... Continue Reading →

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