Kalanamak rice – Health tip # 60

Kalanamak rice Kalanamak is one of the finest scented rice derives its name from black husk (kala = black; the suffix ‘namak’ means salt) Predominantly grown in Eastern UP and Nepal area. Kalanamak is traditionally grown using no fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide, which makes it suitable for organic cultivation. It is believed that Kalanamak rice has... Continue Reading →

Media sucks

Worst thing I read on Internet today..... Pak Army: Where you live in India? Abhinandan: I am not supposed to tell you this. Indian Media: Chennai, TN, displays his address, releases picture of his wife, kid and his entire family details.  

10 most friendliest and affordable places to visit in India


1. Hyderabad


Hyderabad, known as the City of the Nawabs, is a city that exudes an old-world charm of its own while still coexisting with the rapidly growing onslaught of commercialization in perfect harmony. Hyderabad is home to old mosques and bazaars lined parallel alongside swanky new office buildings and malls, and it is these very contrasts – these glimpses into the city’s rich past with inherent promises of an even better future – this is what exactly makes Hyderabad a city worth visiting.

Hyderabad is very famous for being home to the Ramoji Film City, which is the largest film studio complex in the entire world. Hyderabad had better political stability, health care, education, law and order and recreation.

Hyderabad is not the cheapest but the most friendly and suggested destination all over India.

2. Kodaikanal & Ooty

lake view

Kodaikanal is a beautiful hill station, famous for its breathtaking landscapes and…

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Battle of Saragarhi

History is always fascinating that makes us wonder how people lived before technology took over.  Here is one forgotten battle that took place in 1897 in a small outpost Saragarhi in Kohat border. The battle of Saragarhi was fought in 1897 between Sikh soldiers and Pashtun tribesmen. The Pashtuns are the ethnic group of Afghans... Continue Reading →

Die Empty

In a business meeting, one of the director asked the audience: "Where is the richest land in the world?" One of the audience answered: "Oil-rich Gulf countries." second one said: "Diamond mines in Africa." The Director said: "No, the answer is Cemetery" He Continued.... It is the richest land in the world, because millions of... Continue Reading →

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