Cherished memories of School days – Part II ….!

.................................While 10th and 12th standards were seriously focused from teachers to Principal, being in class 11 we enjoyed the freedom to the core. In other means we had the control over the campus. Most importantly we were allowed to participate in every sports event be it is kho-kho, hockey or Volleyball, Basketball and Cricket. Being... Continue Reading →


Cherished memories of School days – Part I …!

Memories plays a major role in overcoming mood swings. For me School days were the best memories so far in my life. Thinking about the school days makes me delightful and a bit sad just because I can't re-live them. Here is a small prose dedicated to the best School I have lived. Getting up... Continue Reading →

Hugs are the best

1) Hugging Reduces Stress Scientists say that giving another person support through touch can reduce the stress of the person being comforted. It can even reduce the stress of the person. 2) Hugging Boosts Your Immune System The gentle pressure on the sternum and the emotional charge this creates activates the┬áSolar Plexus Chakra. 3) Hugs... Continue Reading →

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