Inspiring story of Morgan freeman

Oscar winner Morgan freeman is one of the most respected Hollywood actors of all time and the man with possibly the most unforgettable voice. Most of us have no idea about the struggles he had been through before he became successful. His life story is an inspiration to all of us.  Born in 1937 in Memphis... Continue Reading →


Dennis Ritchie – Father of C programming

Dennis Ritchie who invented C programming language, co-created the Unix operating system is largely regarded as influencing a part of every software system we use on a daily basis. Be it is Apple's OS, Mac or MS windows, these could not have survived if C language have not existed. The C programming language, a shorthand of... Continue Reading →

Tribute to Mastanamma – 106 year old popular YouTuber

I couldn't stop myself sharing about Mastanamma's story when I saw Social media was flooding with rest in peace message. Karre Mastanamma popularly known as Mastanamma was the World's oldest YouTuber. She had 1.2 million subscribers for her country food YouTube channel. She passed away on 3rd December. She was from a small village Gudivada in... Continue Reading →

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