Negative thinking

This story is about how negative thinking ruins everything.

There used to be a couple who always thinks that something bad is going to happen.One day they were travelling in a bus with a huge crowd through steep road towards a hill station.

After a while it started raining heavily and this couple were terrified by the rain and told the bus driver to stop the bus and they thought travelling in this situation would be a tragedy. Saying so they immediately forced bus driver to stop the bus and got down from the bus.

Other people in the bus tried to convince the couple but that only resulted in wasting 5 minutes of their time. The bus left them behind and started towards their destination, but just after a few meters at the curve turning showers of huge stones from the mountain falls on the bus crushing the bus into pieces and taking the life of every passenger in the bus.

Few distance away the couple was watching the incident and felt happy to be safe as they got down just before the disaster. But soon after they realized this was the biggest mistake they have ever done.

Because if they hadn’t stopped the bus for 5 mins, they would have passed the curve before the disaster and saved every passenger in the bus.

Negative thinking is also self perpetuating, and the more you engage in negative dialogue—at home or at work—the more difficult it becomes to stop. Negative thinking brings only Chaos…!!


32 thoughts on “Negative thinking

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    1. Ofcourse everyone have their own perspective…. hahaha yes miracle becoz when I think something negative it even become worse 😂😂😂
      Finally just let hope the outcome is positive..

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  1. This is awesome! When the people in the bus died I was confused because surely the two people’s negative thinking had helped them? But then I kept reading and everything made sense, and I think that because I thought that it had helped them, it made more of an impact when I found out it ruined everything. If that makes sense at all…

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    1. That’s right… Many people don’t see the bigger picture and just rely on short term satisfaction…
      when we think about others too, life would be better for all of us.. thanks for your valuable comment..

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