17 Camels three shares – Every problem has a solution

A small story that has deep meaning it. A father left 17 Camels as an Asset for his 3 Sons. When the Father passed away, his sons opened up the will. The Will of the Father stated that the Eldest son should get 1/2 of 17 camels,Middle Son should be given 1/3rd of 17 camels... Continue Reading →


Health tip # 23

Curry leaves(kadi patta/Kariveppila) Curry leaves have always been sought after for their unique flavor and usefulness in cooking, popularly used in India for its aroma and striking taste, but there are also a number of health benefits that make them highly appealing. These leaves are a source of nutrients, most importantly folic acid which helps the... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 21

Prosopis cineraria(Vanni leaf) The Vanni is helpful to pregnant women and can prevent miscarriage. It is used to treat a variety of other ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, dysentery, leucoderma, leprosy, muscle tremors and piles. It is used for the treatment of vertigo and as a brain tonic. It is also useful in productive cough,... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 20

Sleep Apnea Chronic Sleep Apnea is a condition in which one actually quits breathing for short episodes during sleep. Ask your bed partner if he or she notices that you snore heavily, choke, gasp, or stop breathing during sleep. The condition is easily diagnosed by doctors trained in sleep disorders, by simply going to a... Continue Reading →

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