Terrorism doesn’t have a Religion

When I see so many people calling for war against a particular religion over the tragic killing of our brave soldiers, I don't understand what they meant about war. Being from an Army family and lived close to the border, I say those who talk about war don't even know what is feels like loosing... Continue Reading →


Strictly for 90’s born(not kids)

It feels great to reminisce about the Childhood memories that reminds us the best days we have ever lived till now. We would have already seen the memes and posts related with 90's memories in social media, but still I would like to share some of the funniest Rumors/moments that only 90's Kids born have understand................ Continue Reading →

Gaurdians of the gates

We often talk about the underrated superstars with respect to Cinema, Sports, Politics, Environmentalists, Social workers etc.... But don't realize the importance of gate keepers/ securities who work 24/7 all over the country guarding us and our homes. Be it is office or residence without securities it is almost unsafe to live in this modern... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 58

Benefits of eating home-cooked meal It is strongly suggested that we should have home-cooked meal at least 5 times a week that is proven to increase your lifetime. Here are some common benefits: Healthier ingredients: No one can deny the fact that commercially prepared foods are high in fat and sugar. Our parents make sure... Continue Reading →

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