Healthy tip # 3 – Never skip breakfast

Hello dear bloggers, Why we should never skip Breakfast? Many people skip breakfast and eat a light lunch, then eat a big dinner and snack throughout the evening. Our metabolism slows down and our body absorbs and stores more of the food you eat, including cholesterol and fat. Eating breakfast is a great way to... Continue Reading →


Quote of the day!!

"There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why... I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?" - Robert F. Kennedy -

Health tip # 2

Adding 1 teaspoon of fresh peppermint leaves in your morning tea can do following things. For better results use honey in place of sugar. 1)Improves blood circulation 2)Increases memory 3)Improves shingles associated pain 5)Protects against radiation induced DNA damage 6)Combats bad breath Be Healthy, be Happy..!!  

Inspiring tale of Mountain man

Dashrath Manjhi, popularly known as Mountain man was probably one of the best inspiration for all those who feel they don't have anything so they can't achieve anything. A 300-foot tall mountain loomed between Atri block of Gaya, Bihar civilization in Wazirganj made commuting a difficult task for the locals. The treacherous trek up and around the mountain took hours. This... Continue Reading →

Beyond Comfort zone

Hello dear Bloggers, "Sometimes we allow our comfort zone to control our imagination, which may creatively be used against us. We relive our terrors, the justified fears, the guilt and shamefulness, which holds us to the past. Give yourself the freedom to dream without staying within your comfort zone. Try dreaming about the optimistic future which... Continue Reading →

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