Election result – A myth

Hi guys, Precautions to be observed on 23 May 2019 1.Take light breakfast and also take medicine for BP. 2. Keep Sorbitrate close by & use in case of chest pain. 3. Keep cold water at hand. 4. Keep TV remote close by. 5. Stay near friends/ relatives, never alone. 6. Wear loose cotton clothes.... Continue Reading →

Best friend: 17 years and counting…………

"Everything and everybody changes as we grow up and nothing remains the same but there is a exception. My best friend will still be my best friend" I always want to write a post in dedication for my best friend Shivajyothi. I have been thinking about this for a long time and today would be... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

"The scoreboard can't make you a loser. If you walk off the field with your head up, you don't lose. You don't hang your head for nobody. People in the stands think you're the greatest or the worst - their opinion doesn't make a difference. The only opinion that makes any difference is your own... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother’s Day

She waits for me no matter what time I reach home...!! She sleeps only after everyone in the home is slept..!! She is the first to wake up early in the morning no matter how late she slept last night..!! She finds the things for u that u can’t even find through microscope...!! When I... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 70 – Pepino

Natural Energy booster Resembling a cross between a melon and a pear, Pepino is a sweet fruit that is related to nightshades such as tomatoes and eggplant.  Pepino is a Spanish name which means sweet cucumber. In order to differentiate it from cucumber, it is always termed as Pepino. It is common throughout its native... Continue Reading →

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