Why Pencil is not used in Space

I am so happy to be back here after a break guys.. missed you all…

Many of us would have heard a fact about using a pencil instead of a pen in space. Just a go through this fact.

During the initial space flights, Russia as well as NASA discovered that biro pens didn’t work under zero gravity conditions.

To solve this problem NASA spent 6 years and $2 million in designing a pen for use in space.

But Russia used a Pencil.

This tale with its message of simplicity and thrift floats around the world in 1960’s and even made NASA to follow this idea of using a Pencil in space. But using a Pencil in space was a wrong idea. Here’s the conclusion scientists made:

  • The graphite in the Pencil has a tendency to cause explosions or fire.
  • A Pencil is made up of wood particles which again can be a risk of fire.
  • Pencils etching are prone to severe smearing,making them fairly worthless for permanent documentation.
  • Most acceptable answer from the movie “3 idiots” – If the lead breaks away it will float due to zero gravity and can enter in the nose, ears, and other body opening of the astronaut.

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  1. Reblogged this on Aarnav's Blog and commented:
    I love 3 idiots way too much. I saw the headline on the reader, and jumped too high.
    Interesting facts though. I honestly did not know its for real, and not made up for the movie.

    Toh laakhon dollar kharch karne ke Baad, scientists ne aesa pen izaad kiya – jisse koi bhi angle, koi bhi temperature, zero gravity me, ham likh sakte hai.
    Agar space me pencil ki tip tut jaati hai toh zero gravity me ghumte rahegi, kisi ke aankh me jaa sakti hai, kisi ke naak me jaa sakti hai, instrument panel me jaa sakti hai.

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    1. That’s true.. Thank you Aarnav..
      Even I searched for it after seeing the movie..
      yes and that statement at the end of the movie is true that pen is an important invention…


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