Inspiration from Success of ‘Toy story’

Most of us know that Pixar’s first movie was a global hit. Do you all know that Disney tried to shut down before it ever began?

A very few know that it was Steve Jobs who helped in creating one of the biggest franchises in the world.

In 1995 Jobs was kicked out of his own company, Apple. Desperate to get back at Apple, he starts a new company called NeXT hoping to get back into the tech game, but it was not in favor of Steve. During this time Steve pitch upon a little animation studio called Pixar. Pixar had only one chance to prove their worth meanwhile Disney hated the woody character as they felt he was too kind yet unlikeable. They even threatened to cancel the movie.

Pixar had 3 months to change the entire movie around. Writers stayed up all night for weeks rewriting for a new story line. Steve Jobs funded the project while Disney got back onboard. In addition Tom Hanks jumped on board to voice Woody. It took over 114240 animation frames to bring Toy Story to life. The first Toy Story was a massive hit making over $300 million worldwide.

Story behind Toy Story 2

Less than a year before the sequel’s release, an animator was running a routine file clean up on their system when suddenly all the data disappeared, the whole movie was accidentally deleted including the backup.

It is said that a Pregnant employee who was working from home copied the entire movie before she took off and saved it in her computer. Miraculously 70% of the film was recovered and animators worked to restore the remaining footage. When Toy Story 2 hit theatres, it exceeded expectations making over $500 million worldwide.

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  1. Wow, that’s some amazing story, behind an amazing story.
    The incident behind Toy Story 2 sounds like a sabotage. Lucky someone copied. If someone did sabotage it, I’m sure they’re pissed as hell for that female employee 😀

    PS: Happy Dhanteras ❤

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