Why Rent rates are high in chennai..

There are three basic essentials that every individual needs to survive in this world needs – Food to eat; Dress to protect our body; a Place to live.

Most of us or our parents have valuable assets in our home town that includes a own house no matter how small it is but it must be our pride. But for studies or job we often leave our place and shift to cities.

Until 2005 renting wasn’t a big issue in metropolitan cities like Chennai. Slowly IT industries started booming around the cities and the year 2007 to 2010 Chennai was already a IT hub. Because of more opportunities city started flooding with immigrants from different states.

What caused the rapid rise in Rent rates…??

Abroad projects and their profitable business increased their employees salary cut more than what a average individual was earning working in Non-IT industries. So these people were totally fine with rent rates and more over bachelors had an advantage to sharing and staying together so they too were okay with the rates.

These two cases made land owners to charge their rent as much as they wanted and it was the first step when bachelors were given preference over family residents.

Rewind yourselves to the year before 2005 or ask your parents how it used to be those days when not more than 2 floor building existed. I remember we used to live in small flat in line with additional 4 different tenants. Land lord’s family and tenant’s family would have a healthy relationship. We would eat food at any of the tenant’s house or even at landlord’s home. We didn’t had any restrictions from anyone to enter each other’s place. Unlike today we don’t even know who lives opposite our flats. Please share your thoughts….!!

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21 thoughts on “Why Rent rates are high in chennai..

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    1. Oh yes.. Humidity tears our skin apart…
      But other than the climate chennai is much better city in comparison…..
      I can’t particularly mention a place where i am from because my birth place is in north India, started studyng in east and currently in southwest, but yes my roots are from Tamil nadu


    1. Yes right.. past one year rent rates in cities has been irregular.. During the pandemic it went down and then up.. now it picking the race again as people who went to rural are returning back to cities..

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      1. Exactly.. These ppl who accumulate more n more just stops the cash flow in the country which eventually affect the poor. Govt don’t have ability to control these big shots..


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