Don’t erase your mistake, strike out…

When I started using pen in my primary school, and I made a mistake, I would try hard to erase it before submitting to my teacher.

Sometimes, I use chalk to clean my mistake but it later re-appeared.
So I began to use saliva, it worked, but only to leave holes in my books.
My teachers then used to beat me for being outrageously dirty. But all I tried to do was to cover my error.

One day, a kind heart teacher who loved me so much called me aside and he said, ” Anytime you make a mistake, just cross it and move on” .
He said further ” Trying to erase your mistakes would only damage your book to nothing.
I told him in protest that I don’t want people to see my mistake.
My loving teacher laughed and said ” Trying to erase your mistake will make more people know about your mess and the stigma is for life”.

Have you made some mistakes in life? Cross it over and move on.
Don’t expose yourself as a result of trying to cover your mistakes.
Better things are ahead of you.


6 thoughts on “Don’t erase your mistake, strike out…

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  1. Chiru, we all try to cover up our mistakes.It needs lots of courage to accept with our conscience also that I Am Wrong. But then one cannot progress,if without erasing or hidiing them we learn a lesson and them become a better person!

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    1. that’s right… its human nature.. as they say no one is perfect.. but learning from mistakes is what makes our life fruitful.
      Thanks for sharing your view Deeksha..
      Happy last day of 2019..

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      1. All days are same Chiru.Our circumstances and then our reaction towards them make them sad or happy. But still as for the tradition Wishing you too a wonderful Happy New Year with happy last day of 2019😊😊

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