61 years of Doordarshan

Globalization and modernization has changed the world especially in last 20 or 30 years. If we look back we realize how fast we have come this far.

Our life cycle has been same since our existence, but the one thing that has impacted us over the years and created an illusion in our day to day life that we have been crazy and becoming nuts is none other than Television.

Imagine how it looked back in 80’s and 90’s. The giant, fat, big and it wasn’t colorful, but it has its standard and was in its limit. Unlike today’s generation where you see flat led curvy that gives us early morning heart attack with its breaking news and unrealistic visuals.

But in 90’s, we get up in the morning and switch on the TV, Doordarshan was the only channel and you hear a relaxing music….. Tarararara…Tarara..rara.. and you see a hypnotizing circle. Your heart and mind both are at peace. That’s how life is meant to be right….?

Compare it with today’s scenario– more than 25 channels screaming breaking news about celebrities and politicians like anything and that too same things over and over again in different angle. If you have noticed remember their interval break as they quote, ” We’ll be right back with mind-blowing secrets, stay tuned viewers” just to make you eager about something about to come that has no value at all.

Doordarshan has never done these cheap tricks on us. Recall their announcements, simply at different levels. I am sure most of you would remember– “Agle karyakarm ki suchna kuch hi samay me / Adutha nigalchi patri arivipu inum sila nodigalil” meaning “Announcement about our next program will be in next few seconds” Its not about the program that will resume shortly, but the announcement of the next program that will resume shortly… Till that time the usual music Tarararara….tarara…rararara….

Current TV channels are so repulsive that keeps us on tip of their information. Check their announcement in the morning itself – ” Tonight at 8 pm, Nation’s biggest debate on Nepotism, Celebrity kid doing poty, blah blah, be there to know the facts. nation wants to know bull shit. Its basically these channels deciding on yours and Nation’s future. If you realize there is only 0.0000001% satisfying news on every channel we see on daily basis.

But Doordarshan never cared about future, they made us live in present. They never rushed things. As far as I remember the programs will be printed on the newspaper about the programs that is scheduled for the day. DD’s announcement was so simple. They simply say, ” Prathah kaal Karyakarm subah 6 baje, Dopahar k karyakarm dopahar k 2 baje aur shyaam k karyakarm shyaam k 6 baje.” After 10 pm we just see the Doordarshan starting screen, a series of rainbow lines sounding beep….. That means its time, go to sleep……

Completed 61 glorious years. India’s first television service provider Doordarshan was established on Sep 15, 1959. The channel gave some iconic shows like Ramayan, Mahabharat, Shaktiman, Chandrakanta and list goes on..

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