Indian Marriages: Spending lavishly – a bane or boon !!!

Titled topic is only about the expense we Indians incur in marriages.

We can’t deny the fact that Indian parents care more about how grand the marriage should be organized than the bride and groom.

Starting from Invitation card to expensive one time costumes- Grand halls to unlimited varieties of food all their savings are lost for other unwanted celebrations apart from marriage. Let me highlight…

  1. 1) World’s Costliest suit for Groom and ultra pro expensive Saree for Bride both stays in the cupboard for eternity after the day of marriage.
30 Hilarious Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Every Wedding | Bored Panda
  1. 2)Mighty Make up… Sorry for taking dig at this essential whatever… I am not mentioning cost here but sure we can estimate an average individual’s one month salary…… for ruining a healthy face with multi-layer creams into a 80’s white ghost.
Put Some Makeup On GIF by GIF MIX | Gfycat
  1. 3)Food – I am talking about typical Indian Veg recipes that has more than 50 varieties of side dishes which obviously people don’t eat all at once and ultimately goes to dustbin. Please note this is current generation atrocities. Back in 90’s and early 2000 our grand parents followed simple yet mind blowing dishes. There were just vada, payasam, green veggie, sambar, rasam followed by curd and its awesomeness can’t be matched now.
Food Wastage in Indian Weddings and Parties | VenueMonk Blog
  1. 4) Photography – I agree photos are memories and we cherish for capturing those moments for rest of the life. But the cost of pre wedding, post wedding photo shoot.. My point here is celebrities can afford it, normal people can’t but they don’t understand this fact and want to create their celebrity moment.

Affliction : Spending all your savings for one day show off

Boon : Show off.

“Life is simple and so we are.. Its better and peaceful if we understand the difference between WANT and NEED…”

Meanwhile I am happy to announce that my marriage date has been fixed on 4th of November…. Excited😊😊😊

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20 thoughts on “Indian Marriages: Spending lavishly – a bane or boon !!!

Add yours

  1. Wow congrats Chiru! That’s my son’s birthday by the way, so now I’ll never ever forget that I have a blogging friend who’s celebrating his wedding anniversary on this date in the future πŸ˜‚
    I’ve seen a lot of movies and even a series about Indian wedding and I must say, simple Indian still sounds grand to me. Like your meme πŸ˜€
    My dream wedding was a garden wedding wearing a dress I sew and surrounded by people who loves me. And wild flowers. What I get is a lot more simple than that. The most expensive we paid was the rent for the car my husband and I rode to the civil registry. That’s it.
    I’m a romantic, so I believe that how it’s start isn’t what matter, but how happy you become in the long run. Best wishes Chiru ❀️

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow… Happy to hear that Jessi… you are kind and yes i will remember your son’s birthday year without reminder.. Your comment made my day Jessi..Thank you so so so much.. Simple wedding is the best way to live peacefully for rest of our lives..

      Liked by 1 person

  2. In India it is a massive event of humungous expense … so over the top. Even in the villages I lived in they often fed 500 guests minimum. We would do it in lots of about 25 and each course was rice with a different dhal … but maybe 8 servings!

    Way too much for me and that was a ‘poor’ wedding with 3 days and nights of full on party, food, drink and entertainment. Too much. I’ve often thought the couple could set up a great life if they used that money to help buy their home or establish their business ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aha glad to hear that… 8 servings that’s more than what I have seen here… …
      True right.. Ppl can plan their life instead of these spending that stands no use at all in future..

      Liked by 1 person

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