Choice – A short poem

"I chose my own path, that can make me do things. I messed up my entire life, that I have learnt the hard way. The outcome weren't at all fun, that I have never expected anyway. I wanted my own way, To write my own storySo I dive on astray, To seek my own reputation.... Continue Reading →

Inspiration from a Caterpillar

There's a lot Nature teaches us the life lesson. One of them is from the transformation of Caterpillar into a beautiful Butterfly. The caterpillar evolves many times over before it becomes a butterfly. The caterpillar teaches us the wisdom of constant and incremental evolution and offers the promise of flying.  To compete, to advance and... Continue Reading →

Maha Shivarathri

The 14th night of the lunar month – the night before the new moon – is the darkest night of the month. It is referred to as Shivarathri. Shiva denotes "Everything comes from nothingness and goes back to nothingness." Few lines in dedication to the Almighty Mahakaal: He is the Sculpture of the whole Universe,  He... Continue Reading →

Battle of Saragarhi

History is always fascinating that makes us wonder how people lived before technology took over.  Here is one forgotten battle that took place in 1897 in a small outpost Saragarhi in Kohat border. The battle of Saragarhi was fought in 1897 between Sikh soldiers and Pashtun tribesmen. The Pashtuns are the ethnic group of Afghans... Continue Reading →

Die Empty

In a business meeting, one of the director asked the audience: "Where is the richest land in the world?" One of the audience answered: "Oil-rich Gulf countries." second one said: "Diamond mines in Africa." The Director said: "No, the answer is Cemetery" He Continued.... It is the richest land in the world, because millions of... Continue Reading →

Gaurdians of the gates

We often talk about the underrated superstars with respect to Cinema, Sports, Politics, Environmentalists, Social workers etc.... But don't realize the importance of gate keepers/ securities who work 24/7 all over the country guarding us and our homes. Be it is office or residence without securities it is almost unsafe to live in this modern... Continue Reading →

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