Cherished memories of School days – Part I …!

Memories plays a major role in overcoming mood swings. For me School days were the best memories so far in my life. Thinking about the school days makes me delightful and a bit sad just because I can’t re-live them. Here is a small prose dedicated to the best School I have lived.

Getting up early in the morning was the most difficult task, but Mom’s tasty recipe was always available to boost me up.

The Sakthiman Military bus scare us with its uncertain timings, but once we hear the horn sound, reaching the point first felt like the biggest achievement. Who cared about getting a seat, when lifting those little kids with both my hands helping them up gave immense happiness just to feel their touch and fragrance.

Getting seat was easy but standing near the the iron door with a mighty soldier holding a rifle was so much fun. We often forget our tiffen box, but never forget the “A se aata, B se bata, C se Chata” and “Jolly” in the palm. This was also the best way to befriend a new mate/crush.

Reaching our School early was our daily wish so as to stand in our reserved balcony for next few minutes. Greeting every teacher and watching small kids passing through in their tiny little boots had became our hobby. A long Morning prayer always sucks but our day doesn’t goes well without singing “Asotho maa sadhgamaya, thamaso maa jyothirgamaya” and ending with National Anthem. It feels like waste of time when The PT teacher extends morning assembly for warm up exercise, but enjoying the warm up with the 1st standard kids performing right opposite was a sheer blessing. The smile they give after disperse while walking back to their classes felt like pure love of God.

No matter how happy and active we are, first period would always feel like hell, Seriously no alternative for this one period. There will be one teacher who always separates me from my buddies, but as soon as the bell rings we end up ourselves in same place. Erasing board was one of the most hatred job I ever did, but even in then volunteering for it just to watch the whole class to find my crush was worth it.

632-03193682 Β© Masterfile Royalty Free Model Release: Yes Property Release: No Little boy erasing classroom blackboard

Our pocket money was limited to just Rs.10, but no luxurious party would have been so delightful like the canteen samosa treat was.

It was a great pleasure in participating in every event held during annual day from shayri reciting to inter house singing, skit to traditional dance competition with no restrictions that ultimately encouraged each and every student to explore themselves. There is not a single occasion which made us bore. Even in case of heavy rain we play pen fights, choosing colors game, paper cricket and much more.

Being in a KV school, we were taught to help clean the surrounding as a voluntary social service once in a month. We the students were treated as helping hands throughout our school days and that was a proud moment for us.

To be continued……………!!!

43 thoughts on “Cherished memories of School days – Part I …!

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  1. U remember everything so clearly as if u r a school boy πŸ˜‚… It reminds me of my school days.. Did u keep changing schools or only one? U actually write useful things or something that makes me smile. Lol ABC πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The memories which give you happiness will never fade away that’s why😊😊😊
      I have changed four schools in between 1 to 12….
      I glad it made you smile… been busy these days… hope the new year is good going..,


      1. Ohh interesting 4 times.. Yeah me too, I also don’t get time to check the blog. Yeah lets hope for the new beginnings of the new year..
        Ur family will have a great time when u return πŸ˜‰

        Liked by 1 person

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