6th Sunshine blogger award

I’ve been nominated for this award for more than 5 times now but something that never gets old as I feel excited when i receive such nomination and specially answering their questions.

I’d like to thank the motivating blogger Sumeet(Accidental blogger) for the nomination.

Sumeet is an amazing blogger with full of motivational posts. If someone is feeling down or sad, the his blog is one of the best remedy. Please do visit his blog:


Questions by Sumeet

  • What are your insecurities & How do you deal with them?

As the definition says insecurity is the lack of confidence or just feeling the risk. Past five years has been a mix of struggle and risk of future. But if you ask me now its just “Jo hoga dheka jayega”. Anyway things are going to happen. Just feel the positive vibes and move on with it.

  • What’s the best advice about life you’ve received?

Back in my teenage from a soldier: Things won’t be same like today. Be it is pleasure or pain, it won’t last for long. This is the age of distraction and experiments, but remember whatever you do now is the reflection of your future.

  • What makes you proud of yourself?

Being simple and make sure I m trying things which I want to. As a wise man said win or lose trying is worth. Proud word is too high, in place of proud I would say I feel satisfied every time someone says because of your help it was done.

  • When was the last time you helped someone?

Last week, prepared a report for my colleagues that was to be submitted the same day.

  • What are top rules of your life?

1)Be confident, 2)Do what it feels to be right, 3) listen to all but decide myslef

  • Name your favourite books.

I am not fond of books. So far I read only two books. half girl friend by chethan bhagat and Arjun-nethra fairy tale.

  • What advice you’d give to someone going through a tough phase?

Hey buddies, there’s always a tough phase time to time. You can’t stop them, but what you can do is distract yourself from negative vibes. Go out ride a bike to a unpolluted place to feel the fresh air. Think about future probabilities to manage the current issues and most importantly don’t depend on anyone in this phase.

  • What is your strength?

Again, Confidence.

  • List your favourite movies.

Oh my..!! there are hundreds of them how can I list them. Well I will just add the top seven.

  1. Dark knight(English)
  2. 3 idiots(Hindi)
  3. Shawshank redemption(English)
  4. Dhuruvangal pathinaru(Tamil)
  5. Raid redemption(Indonesia)
  6. Inception(English)
  7. Drishyam(Malayalam)
  • Suggest me some topics to write in future.

Hey buddy, you are already doing great on motivational posts. I would suggest try more on positive vibes, positivity for teenagers and on Inspiring topics for youngsters.

I am keeping nominations open for all. feel free to answer the questions in comments column.

Here are mine:

  1. What do you think about the Almighty?
  2. If there were no mobile phones, how would you communicate with each other?
  3. Best quote you have ever come across.
  4. What is the best place in India to see the natural beauty?
  5. One advise to bloggers.
  6. Do you think parallel universe exist?
  7. Will you vote for the same government again that is ruling currently?
  8. Disaster movies you have ever watched?

90 thoughts on “6th Sunshine blogger award

Add yours

  1. Congratulations, dear. It shows your blog is making positive impact in the lives of many. I love reading your post because not only are they inspiring but also educative and informative. So, keep up the good work and expect more awards!!

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  2. Oh God! You seem to have a deeper attachment with this sunshine blogger award. It’s as if, you are its favourite, and hats off Chiru…you are patient enough to accept the nomination each and every time and answer ever so patiently.

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    1. Arey nahi.. It’s an encouragement from fellow bloggers.. there are even extra two awards in the queue.. I could not just ignore..
      and the questions yes I love to answer that is one reason I post these awards..

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  3. Your questions are interesting so thought I will answer
    1. What do you think about the Almighty?
    Supreme power, which guides us, keeps us and loves us.
    2. If there were no mobile phones, how would you communicate with each other?
    Oh, come on, we have lived that life, haven’t we?
    Lan line phones
    E- mail
    The good old fashioned letter writing.
    3. Best quote you have ever come across.
    Life life as if there is no tomorrow and live and let live.
    4. What is the best place in India to see the natural beauty?
    I think every place has its own beauty, for God has not created nothing lesser than the other.
    But to each one of us our own native place might be the closest to the heart.
    I would definetly want to go to the Everest .
    5. One advise to bloggers.
    Write from heart, may be who knows some one might be in need of what you wrote and has inspired him and helped him in his need.
    6. Do you think parallel universe exist?
    Haha ….if u had asked me 4 months back, i would say no. But now, i.don’t knw…. may be… yes .
    7 . Will you vote for the same government again that is ruling currently?
    No way. …Period…
    8. Disaster movies you have ever watched?
    Sad to say but Vijay’s Sura, it was terrible disaster.


    1. Yup I thought I have already nominated many in this category, so thought let it be open to all..
      I am so happy you answered these questions..
      Haha yes we have lived even better than now before technology took over…
      Advise to bloggers — great yar
      Sura yes ofcourse 😂😂

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  4. Congratulations Brother 💐
    Awww !!! You had derived a great knowledge from life – “Things be same like today. Be it is pleasure or pain, it won’t last for long. ”

    Liked your simplicity & attitude towards everything .

    WOW !!! Drishyam 💙💙💃💃💃💃
    Oh God movie on Indonesian language 😲😲😲😲😲
    So you know it took
    Great !!!
    Anyway liked your answers &
    Also questions ( especially Q no 2& 7 )


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  5. 1. I will have to think more or simply who everyone loves & at the same time fears.
    2. There was a time when it wasn’t & u know the mode of communication thn
    3. Lots of great bt I don’t know which is the best, I’m not a great judge 😢
    4. U have visited more places than me in India so I can’t recommend u any, if u really want thn my answer is Google 😉
    5. One advise to bloggers –
    Follow chiru’s blog 😂
    6. Yes
    7. U know it already
    8. Yes

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Without justification silly lag raha hai😶
        Nahi yaar Mai toh apne post pe bhi recommend kar sakta hu..
        Ur blog is very informative and useful. Ur dedication & hardwork u put must be followed by every blogger. Those who will follow u will learn many things 😊

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks for the compliment.. I just learn n research and share the same..
        more than me I see other bloggers are more creative that includes u as well.. whenever I see others post I realize I know much less and people around me are even more talented… In one way that drives me to work even better..


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