Last day of the year 2018

Here’s a small try:::::

On the last day of the year we have so much to cherish for, To find the purpose of our existence, And live our life with persistence. To live a life of compassion And forgive all of their actions.

We have had lot of struggles and pain this year, So does the Sunshine and strength gave us cheer. We have had the stories of estrangement, So does the memories of endearment.

Let us welcome the New year with Joy, For our lives reborn with the new beginning. Let us look back at the past one last time, For the Almighty has prospered us so in the past time.

Happy New year to all my dear loving bloggers..!!

May the new year brings joy, peace and happiness to and your family….

©© Chiru, 2018
All Rights Reserved

58 thoughts on “Last day of the year 2018

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  1. Wah kya baath hein….the most heartfelt words ever Chiru….yes the last year had it’s own ups and downs but the Almighty was merciful enough in many ways. There are sweet memories which are hard to forget and some bitter moments too. Keep the sweetness with you and leave behind the bitterness and move ahead after all it’s the future and the present which matters.
    May this year be favorable to you and your family members too.

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    1. And so does the heart felt comment…
      this comment can actually be converted into a poem… your words seems like……
      Tanq perky.. May this year be as wonderful and inspiring as you are…

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      1. Haha….you found poetry in these words too. I am so glad you are so in sync with poetries and it’s expressive beauty… Chirpy . May the Almighty be ever kind to you and fill your life with his blessings for you deseve it in every sense.

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