Most underrated inventions of all time

In the world of technology we often forgot the most useful invention that were given to Mankind over the ages. Life would have not so easy for us all if these were never existed. Here’s a look over the most underrated as well as underappreciated inventions of all time


Though buttons were used for thousands of years, the buttonhole was not invented until sometime in the 13th century in Germany. Then button-making was mercifully accelerated with the Industrial Revolution & even people started making patents on this. Buttons are one of the important invention that is often ignored as a clothing sideshow.

Safety pin

We cannot deny the fact the if safety pin wasn’t existed we would have never known to closed loop in clothing. Walter Hunt made this invention in order to pay off a $15 debt to a friend. He used a piece of brass wire that was about 8 inches long and made a coil in the center of the wire so it would open up when released. In 1849 he managed to patent his invention.

Fact: Safety pin is the only invention whose design has remained unchanged for three millennium till date.

The Compass

At present we have smartphone to guide us to figure our the cardinal directions. Our ancestors survived without these technologies with the help of Compass. It is believed the magnetic compass was invented sometime around the 3rd or 4th century BC in China. Compass was the most important invention of all time that has been ignored in current generation.

Eye glasses

Eye glasses are probably the least appreciated invention even in modern world. No one knows when the first eye glasses were invented. For record it is believed to be invented in Italy in the year 1290. Without this lowly little invention, our lives today would be dramatically different. A world without glasses would also drop human mobility as our learning reading and innovations would have been a question mark.


Zipper is commonly used in binding the edges of an opening of fabric or other flexible material. Although Zipper was invented in 18th century, it became in 1913 designed by Gideon Sundback. Zipper is considered so cheap but imagine if it fails would we be wearing the expensive garment until zipper is replaced. The main reason behind this invention is to allow children to fasten their own clothing.

Water towers

Yes Water towers…!! We have them in every corner of the world from Rural to Urban areas. Ever imagined if these were not invented how you could you get up in the morning and get water just with one tap. They hold water above the ground so that the tremendous weight of the water forces water through pipe and into your home

Rubber bands

The ring shaped elastic rubber band is one of the most important invention that we don’t seem to appreciate its existence. The rubber band was patented in 1845 by Stephen Perry. The simple rubber band is one of those nifty little items that costs next to nothing and yet has so many uses.

In addition other underrated inventions that helped humankind in various ways are Candles, Toilet paper, Pencils and there is much more to it. I am just keeping it short as per my knowledge.

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  1. Water towers and compass are probably my two I take most for granted even though not really. I turn water off all the time even when brushing my teeth I put it in a cup and don’t just run the water like there’s no tomorrow. Next will be the compass and again my sense of direction is horrible and I use today’s version which is my GPS even when I’m in the subway. I cannot live without my safety pins buttons and zippers. I am a woman. I walk around in my handbags always with each of these in case of a wardrobe mishap. Oftentimes they come in handy for random people 😂😂

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  2. If u weren’t invented by ur parents, then we wouldn’t have got to read such an amazing health tips & now about this wonderful yet underated things that r part of our lives.
    Keep sharing ur knowledge & I love this creative blog of urs chiru..

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    1. Ahaha everyone plays his or her part in the world.. I m so touched by ur comment..
      thank you so much.. it was becoz of bloggers like u that keeps driving me..


      1. I have nominated you for a silly Sunshine blogger award.

        Please go check my latest post for the info. How much do you rate me on a scale of 1 to 10? I have asked this question there but I want the answer now. Be truthful.

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      2. Oh my…..!! It has been a nomination week for me buddy.. already two sunshine two Leibtser and one have nominated for versatile blogger and now you too…
        thank you so much buddy..I ll have a look at it


      3. Ohh u r actually doing social service work & u deserve much more like payments. I think awards r nothing bt Get to know Each other by asking Q& A. It is okay just rate me & read my silly answers on my blog. It is only one line as I don’t like to bore with big paras😂.

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