Inspiration from a tea seller – Padma shri awardee

On the occasion of Republic day, Government of India have a practice of conferring Civilians with highest award for their social work. I would say one genuine thing the Government does without corruption.

I always look for this day to visualize the patriotic parade in New Delhi and the genuine nominees for various awards. This time I witnessed a tea seller was conferred with Padma shri and its really fascinating.

Philanthropist Devarapalli Prakash Rao was selected from the state of Odissa for the honour.

Prakash Rao, who lives in a slum area near Buxi Bazzar teaches around 70-80 children in the age group of 4-9 years from the economically weaker category every year. He has a strong command over 8 different languages and uses his knowledge to help children. He not only teaches the children, but also provides free food for poor patients at a nearby government hospital for last 40 years. It is said that he earns around 700 Rupees by selling tea and snacks with his tea stall and spends half of his amount on his social work.

In an interview he said that he has been donating blood since 1978 and estimates over 200 times till date. This is an example for the youths of our country. This is amazing to witness such people in our country. People like Prakash Rao make us believe that humanity exist.

Prakash Rao : “If you put in your best efforts continuously on doing your duty, the world will recognize you one day”

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  1. Salute to this kind hearted soul. If we look around we find many among us who do a lot of selfless work without craving for any name or recognition for themselves. They are our true heroesπŸ™. Thanks for sharing this Chiru πŸ’—

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