Cherished memories of School days – Part II ….!

……………………………While 10th and 12th standards were seriously focused from teachers to Principal, being in class 11 we enjoyed the freedom to the core. In other means we had the control over the campus. Most importantly we were allowed to participate in every sports event be it is kho-kho, hockey or Volleyball, Basketball and Cricket. Being into the teenage period we also privilege to go deeper and experiments things, thanks to our teachers who let us explore what we wanted.

Seeing seniors in saree their farewell was a lovely treat, that’s too much fun in one year. The last page of all books was our creative corner with playful games, drawing our super heroes and specially checking the relation with our crush using FLAMES.

Being in 12th class it was no less fun which our earlier batch would have missed. Thanks to our Principal who honored us for being the most disciplined class in the whole school. Yes it was rare in past one decade. But in contrast with the appreciation we were also the example for most number of love birds in a single class. But who cares about advises at that age. We enjoyed to the core lived our moment till the end. One rose on valentine’s day meant like a life time treasure for both boys and girls. Who can forget those excitement and tensions during the first time approach proposals.

Again during our farewell seeing our own class girls in Saree for the first time felt like living among the angels. That one day changeover from class girls kept us wondering where the prettiness were hiding all these years.

To all of our teachers: Thank you for all you who guided us every time all those years and inspire a lifelong love of learning. I don’t remember if whether I cried when I was sent to school for the first time, while leaving the school I surely did.

Go and look back on your class photograph, I am sure you will smell the nostalgic scent of all fun you had back in your school. School memories are just so hard to forget. Here is one of my mine.

27 thoughts on “Cherished memories of School days – Part II ….!

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  1. The last page of My books also just like yours . ✌️💪
    But no FLAMES 😉
    This farewell party is very nice , isn’t it ??? Unluckily I didn’t get any farewell party still😢
    Who can forget those excitement and tensions during the first time approach proposals. ….Aww really ??
    ( I had forgotten everything 😣)

    Funny ,lovely ,cuteness overloaded post👏👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍
    What a lovely narration. …
    “girls in saree like angels” , “prettiness were hiding on all those years ” Enjoyed reading just like watching a teenage school film .
    Really really really really really really really super
    Yes. I can smell those fun & memories in your gone school days through reading this .
    Nice photographs.
    So you just completed your +2 now ???
    Keep sharing
    Happy new year brother
    May all of your wishes come true , may God bless you

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    1. Yes Farewell party in school was the best… Even college farewell can’t match the happiness that 12th Farewell gave us…
      You still didn’t get a farewell? U are still in the college na…. wait for it….

      Hahaha haan the scared approach to crush that was exciting too…
      I am glad you enjoyed reading the golden memories of school days..
      Oye no no that was years back.. I have been working for 5 years now..
      Happy new year sissy.. Have a wonderful year ahead..

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  2. As told by Akshaya Thulasi….your post had it all…a potpourri of emotions… Couldn’t help the smile while reading almost all lines you wrote…Your love for your school life and moreover your bachpan and your growing teenage is so beautifully represented.
    Who can ever forget the flames, it was the biblical verse for relationship determination. And oh ya the stares we got in our first ever saree presentation on the fare well day are impossible to forget memories. Tanq Chirpy for the walk down of school life once again….
    Loved every bit of it especially the personal touch of adding that school photo of yours. But finding you in that click is equalent to finding a needle in the hay stack…
    Keep blogging Chirpy…you are a natural in expressing yourself.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ah yes.. school memories never fades away na… for me those are my mood busters, i feel it’s a gift from almighty to have lived those 12 years with unforgettable memories…
      Happy blogging perky. Your comment is a boost as always…

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