Most valuable skill – Flexibility

At some point in your life, you will feel like you have lost everything.

You will fail, you will not get what you wanted, you will lose your job, Someone will break your heart, someone close to you will go away, You will be betrayed and you will have no way out.

At this point you will feel so much dejected as if world for you is ending. You may loose hope in everything and see no help from anyone.

Being able to come out from that feeling, to reinvent yourself and come back strong, to bounce back, to bring yourself back on track….. is the best skill you will ever have and that’s what we call as FLEXIBILITY………

A wise man once said “Failure is inevitable which is a part of life, but defeat is optional”

26 thoughts on “Most valuable skill – Flexibility

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  1. This is a special stage and i think this is opportunity -given by God- to show us-the real faces of others. Some people will not recognize this and they are complaining or commits suicide. Isnt it?Be optimistic and flexible….

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  2. Flexibility is nothing but the quality of bending easily without breaking. It’s the most difficult thing to do in life as most break in this procedure… but bouncing back after this is the true victory over any failure in life…
    Great thought as usual Chirpy…glad to have you back…and to see you in action.

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