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“The world desperately needs less of “a tooth for a tooth” thinking and more of “together for a tomorrow” thinking”

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      1. It is still an exciting truth we live with daily. As you can probably see in the media to be black is not fashionable and if you are ”too” black then you become a target. The generation today are dealing with it more vocally and are refusing the status quo

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      2. Discrimination happens in our country too and that’s seriously resulting bad outcome..
        In the name of racism I have seen my self happening it…
        I believe if parents educate their children against this future ll change

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      1. Yes. I got too much comment likes, that’s the reason I didn’t comment in your post for sometimes. Anyway you are not responsible for that. I can’t understand how some people are expecting us to read their posts by simply giving a comment like. I follow only few blogs, because I want to read all the posts I learned a lot in this place. So I don’t wish to do a like for a like .

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      2. I wonder why that happen here… Infact i wonder why someone else would like comments that does’t even mean anything to them..
        Yes they think that way it seems…. Anyway leave them… Keep blogging and follow what you like..

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      1. no it’s not generational, we have rough patches but at all times in all generations there are those who know we must pull together … and they work their butt off to make it happen ❀

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      2. oh so we no longer have any responsibility 🐻 .. while ever we breath we can make a difference Chiru … isn’t that what you’re trying to do with your blog ❓

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      3. Haha Kate i didn’t mean that… We are doing what we can(learning, sharing inspiring)……. I meant to say on a long run upcoming generation has work to do in near future,….

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