False Sense

Society is a false sense of being. Humans have been given a great gift from nature, and we are destroying it. One who feels a great sense of essence in the mind of peace like meditation through his or her epiphany of the roots of their nature will they see truth. I say that out of anything else in life give me truth.

37 thoughts on “False Sense

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  1. Uhmm…A nice perception… but how many could afford peace and tranquility with the nature and it’s essence…And how many could afford to be truthful in this hypocritical society? And han truthful apnon se that’s a different matter of course but again in it’s own time…. What do you say Chiru?….

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    1. Not a easy task to be honest and truthful for many.. but I feel thatโ€™s the way of attaining peace..
      Itโ€™s a sad fact that people canโ€™t be truthful as per their time…

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