10 small tips to follow everyday to get inspired

1)15 Minutes Exercise

Just minutes work out everyday can reduce your blood pressure and boost your brain’s efficiency. Bonus is you will reduce body fat..

2)Prepare at least one healthy meal a day

Spending time preparing healthy meal not only keeps you healthy, but also increase the level of happiness each day. Try adding Vegetables, fruits and nuts every day after meal to lead a healthy life.

3)Listen to Music, Music and Music

It has been scientifically proven that jamming some music is the best way to improve your mood and help you sleep. If you ever feel depressed just a 20 minutes music is enough to heal you.  I have Personally experienced..!!

4)Forgive people

To me, forgiveness is looking directly in the face of someone and tell them “Its Okay”. Forgiveness lets you throw away the pain caused inside yourself and let your fellow beings a reason to believe you are Kind.

5)Smile often and help people

Smile often to people you daily see. A simple gesture of kindness can improve the mood of people you smile at. The day will be a lot better for you as well as for them. Help people no matter you don’t receive anything in return. The satisfaction in helping you get is the purest form of happiness I believe.

6)Talk and listen to your closed ones

Have a chat with your closed ones once in a day to sleep peacefully.

Instead of asking “How was your day” ask them “What was the highlight of the day”. Listening with enthusiasm is actually a gift you give to your closed ones. It will surely make their day.

7)Play with kids

Playing and enjoying with Small kids late in evening is one of the best way to relax and forget all your pain.

8)Go out of your comfort zone

Try something you’ve never done before that pushes you out of your comfort zone. Use steps instead of using lifts. Go on a bike ride to unknown place to discover nature.

9)Work on your Ambition

Being eager or hungry to aspire and accomplish something is actually what you need to stay strong in your life. Without an ambition life is just a waste of paper story. Keep doing something to keep reminding you to reach your goal.

9)Celebrate the little wins, no matter how small it is

It doesn’t matter if the outcome is not huge. No one achieves big in a single day. Feel happy that you did something compared to previous day. It inspire you to do better and better in future and that’s how life goes on.

Do what you love. Try to learn something everyday.

Each day its new “You”. What you do today matters the most..!!!



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