Varna system – Fate or Curse

Varna, a Sanskrit word originated from VRI meaning the choice of one’s occupation. In early Vedic literature which originated when Aryans migrated to North of India classified the society into four varnas:

Brahmins – Priests and Gurus (Teachers)

Kshatriyas – Warriors and rulers

Vaishyas – Traders, Merchants and Agriculturalists

Shudras – Service providers and laborers

Over the years Varnas classified based on occupation turned into classification by birth which later gave rise to Caste system which had no relation with Varna system defining the classification of society into different category. The Caste system is a manipulated form of Varna which later introduced untouchables.

Sources has its mention that Caste system was incorporated with an outcaste Untouchables which is now Dalits facing immense discrimination all over the country. There are 3000 castes and 25000 sub-castes still in existence.

Caste system is the greatest social evil and a divisive force in our country. Caste system cannot be eradicated completely but we can reduce its affect. Below are the few facts which can help us progress

  1. Marriages of course tops the list which are largely performed based on castes, sub-castes
  2. Indian Politics works majorly based on caste votes during Elections. Be it is assembly or local municipal, caste plays a major role in selecting the candidates.
  3. Sir name mostly tend to remember the ancestors but mostly relates themselves to a particular caste.
  4. We all must have heard that people want to be declared as Scheduled caste or tribe just to get the benefits of reservation in schools and government jobs.
  5. Fake caste certificates which is easily forged and submitted for admissions, jobs and courts.

Source : Library books..:)

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