Die Empty

In a business meeting, one of the director asked the audience:

“Where is the richest land in the world?”

One of the audience answered: “Oil-rich Gulf countries.”

second one said: “Diamond mines in Africa.”

The Director said: “No, the answer is Cemetery”

He Continued…. It is the richest land in the world, because millions of people have departed, “they have died” and they carried many valuable ideas that did not come to light that could have benefited others. It is all in the cemetery where they are buried.

Inspired by this answer, Todd Henry wrote his book “Die empty” Which motivates people to pour out their ideas and potential energies in their communities and turn them into something useful before it is too late.

“Do not go to your grave and carry inside you the best part that you have, always choose to die empty” – Todd Henry

Please do read his Book “Die empty” for the positivity and inspiration. 

“A wise man once said when you love, share and inspire others, you are the happiest person in the world”

©© Chiru, 2019
All Rights Reserved.

24 thoughts on “Die Empty

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  1. Something to ponder over isn’t it?
    After all if you don’t love, share and inspire, then what are we leaving behind us in this world we love so dearly..
    A worthwhile living of sharing the resources we have in us is the best way to lead a satisfactory life…After all we came empty handed and we leave empty handed all what we have in the middle is what we can give away….
    Good Share as ever Chirpy…

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  2. Yes!

    Die happy
    with your boots on
    and all of your poems said.

    As the Lone Ranger
    of Western fame
    often said to Tonto
    who then the stole his boots
    and cut off his head!

    Enough said about
    the dead
    what was said
    and Roy Roger’s lifeless head!

    Is that a poem?
    Or am I slowly losing my head?

    Liked by 2 people

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