Health tip # 31

Reasons for not sleeping right after a meal

When you sleep your body has to work so hard to digest your last meal and that can cause indigestion problem. I would say the there a a risk of stroke when u sleep right after your meal. Eating late at night has other dangers, here are some disadvantages of sleeping right after your meal.

  • Heart burn–Lying flat on your back right after a large meal may feel good at first, but while your body is resting, your digestive system is working hard. The excess acid in stomach can lead to burning sensation that spreads up to chest.
  • Weight gain– Making Sleeping right after dinner means that you have no chance to burn off those extra calories as you will eventually sleep making your digestive system to rest.
  • Heart attack– A study found that those who waited the longest between eating and sleeping were at the lowest risk for stroke. Sleeping right after meal increases blood-sugar levels and cholesterol count may affect your likelihood of having a stroke.
  • Affects sleep cycle– When you sleep on a full stomach then your body is working to digest the food consumed. You can’t sleep and it affects your wellness.
  • Please understand the fact that your body is most comfortable digesting food in an upright position allowing it to absorb food easily.
  • It is recommended that you should have at least 2 hours gap between your meal and sleeping time.
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    1. thanks for sharing Chiru, everyone should be aware of these daily habits,

      sleeping just after meal is really unhealthy, and also drinking a glass full of water just after meal is like poison.

      we should drink water at least 45 mins after meal and 45 min before.

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