Customary code of polite behavior in society

Simple advise one should follow towards politeness and social behavior towards one another. Never interrupt the one who is talking. It is the basic gesture on can show in the name of respect.Don't call anyone more than twice. If they don't pick up your call, either they are busy or not interested. Politeness and self... Continue Reading →

Earth is greener today than it was 20 years ago

When I saw an article for the first time that mentioned Earth is much greener now compared to two decades before, I thought that's a joke. Because as far as I have seen people are cutting trees to build homes, even government is eradicating trees to lay roads and bridges, how come earth is greener... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 61 – Rambutan

Rambutan Rambutan is native to the Indonesian region, and other regions of tropical Southeast Asia traditionally cultivated especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The name of this fruit is derived from the Malay word meaning "hairy." Its taste is described as sweet and sour, much like a grape. It is often mistaken as lychee due... Continue Reading →

Media sucks

Worst thing I read on Internet today..... Pak Army: Where you live in India? Abhinandan: I am not supposed to tell you this. Indian Media: Chennai, TN, displays his address, releases picture of his wife, kid and his entire family details.  

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