Health tip # 59 – Pennywort

Vallarai (Centella asiatica or Pennywort) - A healthy brain tonic Vallarai or Gotu kola is a healthy herbaceous herb native to South east Asia. Vallarai is a Tamil name and is said to be in use for thousands of years in the traditional Indian medicine. Vallarai got its name from the word Vallamai(Power) as out ancestor... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 58

Benefits of eating home-cooked meal It is strongly suggested that we should have home-cooked meal at least 5 times a week that is proven to increase your lifetime. Here are some common benefits: Healthier ingredients: No one can deny the fact that commercially prepared foods are high in fat and sugar. Our parents make sure... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 57

Chinese potato The egg-shaped tubers are similar to our native potato and native to India and west Africa. It is Cultivated majorly in west Africa and South east Asia. No one know who gave the name Chinese potato as it is said that is available since 1440. Chinese Potato is useful in treating stomach disorders,... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 55

Henna (Mehendi) Henna has been used traditionally to treat hair and scalp problems. Apart from coloring hair, henna has been used as a medicinal plant over the centuries because of its many health benefits. Henna is said to be originated in Asia and popularly known as Mehendi in India. It is also said that since... Continue Reading →

Health Tip # 54

Rocket leaves Being native to the Mediterranean region, rocket leaves are commonly known as Arugula which is widely popular as a Salad vegetable in Italy and Portugal. Arugula is only found in northern part of India and not most of us are aware of this awesome salad vegetable. In India the leaves of arugula are... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 53

Palmyra Palm(Panang kezhangu) Sprouts of Palmyra Palm is one of the healthy food native to Indian subcontinent. Commonly known as Panang kelangu or Nungu in Tamil has been used as a traditional food for ages. The white kernel of the ripe palm fruit after being left for a few months to germinate the sprouts. Here... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 51

Prickly pears(Cactus pears) Have you guys ever wonder there is a fruit belonging to the cactus family that possesses a wide range of benefits? I did a research and found that Cactus pears aka tuna aka fruit has some serious health benefits. These fruits provide delicious juice that tastes like a cross between natural bubble gum... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 50

Averrhoa bilimbi Bilimbi fruit is an edible tropical fruit said to be originated in Indonesia.  Bilimbi is known for its pickle recipe and pairs well with sea foods such as fish, shrimp and heavy meats due to its high content of oxalic acid. these are widely seen in Indonesia, Philippines and India(limited to Goa, Kerala and Maharashtra). Here... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 49

Rhubarb stalks Rhubarb  was initially cultivated for medicinal purposes in Ancient China way back in 2700 BC. Britain used these leaves in early 19th century with its popular adoption as an ingredient in desserts and wine making before they came to know that Rhubarb leaves are toxic and have no safe culinary use for humanity.... Continue Reading →

Health tip # 48

Facts about KISS The word ‘Kiss’ finds its origin from ‘cyssan’, an Old English word that in turn originated from ‘kuss or kussijanan’. These are proto-Germanic words that were probably derived from the sound that actually comes out when two people kiss each other. A single kiss kills around 80 million bacteria burn up to 6.4... Continue Reading →

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