World War III – A myth or Reality

As we know that recent events between America and Iran has triggered the world with a probability of World War 3. After the US killed one of the most respected man in Iran, the nation has declared to hit back and for sure nuclear weapon will be in action.

If at all the war starts in west, we will have to go through a lot of consequences.

It’s clear that Russia, China, Iraq, Palestine will be on Iran side and on other hand master mind Israel and Saudi will be supporting America. Forget UAE and other gulf countries they don’t have anything to gain or loose out of this war.

Then there is Europe. They might switch sides accordingly. Germany and UK obviously will be opposite to each other.

Sadly, African countries and already affected Middle East countries such as Syria, Libya will be severely affected by the war. I will include other small countries like Afghanistan, Somalia. No not Pakistan, China will anyway back up our neighbor.

Indian states are in no mood to support any side in this War. Even if we look back at the history India was never an aggressive country and will not attack any nation unless and until someone attack them.

But we would personally face consequences like high fuel prices and poverty. Of course China and Pakistan will be looking for right time and attack India. There will be no option than to hit back this inviting ourselves to WW3. Russia and China are allies which makes it even more difficult for India.

Current scenario is that America won’t be able to help us being far away or may be they will be busy in their war or I would say they won’t be interested. I don’t think Japan will be pitching in as they won’t support Iran but they will trouble America from one side remembering the past.

At the end the poor countries and its people will suffer. There will be no life left if he War starts as I believe most of the countries will make use of nuclear weapon and if they do it’s the end.

Conclusion: What’s the reason behind all these problems.. Money No, Oil No….. It’s Power.

26 thoughts on “World War III – A myth or Reality

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  1. Oh dear, I am praying for this war to be a myth and not a reality. Unfortunately there are many innocent ppl that is going to die due to the fury and misunderstanding of power men that don’t even care

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    1. You are right..
      Every time when super powers fights it’s just innocent people who suffer and it’s sad..
      I doubt the developed nation will never understand and keep on showing their superiority to control the world..

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  2. Thank you, Chiru, for a fresh perspective to a very complex situation. Whatever we may say, there would be a war. As you have professed the coalitions and groups very correctly, however, the disposition of Russia in the latter part of the war would be very interesting. In all likelihood, Russia would switch sides, in favor of western forces, before the war starts. India cannot be a mute spectator and be used in the war, the way it was used by the fetid crown in the WWI and WWII. India has to overcome the hidebound capitulation and be forthcoming if it wants to be a world power, and a leader.

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    1. That’s right. .Russia would be eagerly waiting for the war to start and will take side which favors them. India on other hand need some trigger to get themselves in the field. As said India has to overcome capitulation…

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