Sabari Malai Rules and Misconceptions

Hello guys,

In this post I am just sharing the basic rules and the reason behind rules that has been followed over the ages.

1) How many days of Vritham(Fasting) has to be observed after wearing Malai?

It is said that initially our ancestors started with 60 days of fasting, later people had to come down to one Mandal(48 days). Then in today’s world some people reduced it to 24 days half of one Mandal.

To my knowledge, 48 days is standard period to be followed for the cause of initiating the person to experience the spiritual awakening. Yes you can reduce the no. of days over the years, there’s no harm in it.

2) Why we should bath only in cold water two times a day?

Yes true, but what if people have sinus or any other health effects. In that case you can mix hot water to reduce chillness.

Normally we wore Mala and visit Sabari Malai during Nov-Jan period which is the coldest of all season. As followed by our ancestors, we need to take bath in Pambai river before visiting the actual temple where temperature would go down below 10 degrees. To be practical your body won’t sustain if you chilling out under 10 degrees all of a sudden right.

3) Why shouldn’t we wear shoe or Sandals during this period?

Sabari Malai is situated in between forest and you will not find proper road route to the temple and the travel is considered so tough. Being a spiritual place we shouldn’t wear sandals or Chappal on our way into the forest.

Now ask yourself you can walk for more than 5 km all of a sudden without wearing a Sandal. Our Ancestors followed everything with a valid reason and there’s science behind it. They did it so as to get used to it. If you have heard about Acupuncture this is it. Over this period you are experiencing it.

4) Why you are not supposed to shave your beard, comb your hair and cut your nails?

Simple reason being you are not supposed to think about beauty of the body.

6) After wearing Mala, we should address everyone with respect and call them as Swami, Why?

Our Ancestors always amazes us with their doings and karma. Their main motive was to make everyone learn to respect one another. They believed the one who follows some routine for at least two months would continue to follow it through out his lifetime.

For the same reason we avoid drinking, smoking, non-veg and other worse habits.

5) Why Brhamacharyam ?

Finally this question haunted me for many days as to why it is followed. After asking many people I understood that Lord Ayappa during his last period on Earth goes for extreme fasting and followed Brhamacharyam.

I don’t want to go deep into the fact why women are not allowed all these years. But to my understanding its the people who made the rules and its the same people who made changes over the years. I will leave this to you guys. I personally believe a temple is common to each and every individual on this planet.

Swami Saranam..!!

Ayappa Saranam..!!

©© Chiru, 2019
All Rights Reserved

36 thoughts on “Sabari Malai Rules and Misconceptions

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      1. I don’t think u got my reply.. I am replying again..
        Congrats for ur marriage..
        Starting a new chapter is exciting when u know nothing about what’s in future..
        Happy first year 🙌🙌

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      1. Actually I was about to complete my comment but damn gadget hanged😊. Just telling you on his birthday I had seen a jhanki , ladies were holding pooja thalis and men behind them playing drums.

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    1. That’s great.. walking barefoot is actually natural acupuncture as long as road is clean..
      Jessi here fasting we just skip breakfast….
      tomorrow is my last day in this period..
      Excited to visit the temple in kerela..

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  1. Ayapaa saranam. Liked your insight on each point. I need a help, please pray for me. My daughter is having her classical dance Arangetram on January 3rd among with her five other friends at Muscat please pray it should go well. My mother is ill now please pray she should be well. Everything should go well with the blessings of Ayapaa, this is important event in my daughter’s life. Pray for her 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Swami saranam..
      Wow that’s great.. she will do well in her dance competition..great that she is performing over the boundaries..
      I will pray for her and your family..
      Trust in god and god will do the best..

      And Subba don’t be formal.. don’t mention help.. you just say and I ll do.. that’s what frnds do ☺️
      I ll pray for ur mother as well. She will get well soon..

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      1. Exactly.. it’s always the people change things as per their convenience..,
        U know what this temple is only visited by men and women(10-50) are forbidden..
        Just becoz Lord Ayappa was at bramacharyam(I would say stayed away from social life)
        This was followed for years.. and now one set of group filed a case to allow women too..
        Still in court pending….


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