One year Blog anniversary late post…😍😍

Hi guys,

I am so happy to share with you all that my blog has completed one year and one month. Oh yes quite late post.. I have been away from blogging for past two months. Thank you so much for all your support and interest in my blog. I feel so grateful for being a part of blogging world that gave me amazing friends and chance to learn so much above the standard…

When I started this blog back in July 2018, I had no idea how far it would go. I was away from family and friends last year that made me feel alone and was so difficult to socialise.

I had no friends here when I started blogging and honestly felt like no one would be interested in what I had to share. But I had so much time apart from my job that left me no option other than watching movies and spending time here. I just started posting short inspirational stories I used to share with my teammates in my last job.

This blog took atleast 3 months to get 100 followers even after spending time on daily basis. I almost lost interest in blogging until I started sharing health tips thanks to the amazing blogger Anamika for the boost up and continuous support.

I would write an essay if I go on.. don’t want to bore you all guys. Today after one year I have amazing friends and connections. I am not quite consistent these days but I always look for all your posts and reading all your amazing posts are inspiring and boosting my life one or the other way. I would say you guys made an impact in my current life. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support throughout my journey.

Below bloggers have been there from the start and been a continuous support. You guys are great and keep inspiring others.

Shantanu, Anamika, Kranti, Priyanka, Adi, Ashish, Sameera, Piyush, Nirant, Meera, Akshaya, Kajal, Sakshi, Winnie, Calmkate, Jyopassion, Prasath, Anjali, Pia majumdar, Yasmin, Richa, Yonnie, village talk, Jessica, Krishnapriya, Krishna, Subhashini, Ramya, Neha, Priya, Riman Riya, Sadje, Sekar and many more….

Thank you so much for being here in blogging world. Spread love and peace😊😊

83 thoughts on “One year Blog anniversary late post…😍😍

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  1. Great to know, congratulations πŸ’. Your blog is a beautiful place love reading your posts. Lots of informative posts with different perspective like that lots. Keep up your good work. Thank you for mentioning my name, feel happy to know that I will surely share it with my elder one.

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  2. Firstly many many many congratulations dear. You have made such a big difference in so many bloggers life through your ever-present sweet words and support. I habe always loved talking to you . May you have many happy years in this awesome bloggesphere.

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