Another fine day in India

Random news around me now

1. Guy throws off BMW for not giving him a jaguar and Someone died yesterday coz they didn’t receive an ambulance service.

2. Some people posts “No means No’ and then the same /some ppl make fun on Kashmiri girls.

3. Some state is in a water crisis and another state is in flood.

4. Someone is fighting for food and someone is longing for luxury.

5. Someone doesn’t have money to study and someone pays lakhs for jus coaching class.

By the way, India is a democratic country๐Ÿ˜

59 thoughts on “Another fine day in India

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      1. I am very well thank you! Writing away busily and working part time. I have a ticket booked to come back to India early January so I am very happy about that. My husband and I have been following the news of the flooding and are very sorry to hear about the loss of life in Kerala, it is so sad that Kerala has suffered again this year.

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      2. Wow thatโ€™s great..
        I will be in Bangalore. let me know when u and ur hubby are coming.

        Yes Itโ€™s worse in kerela this time.. as always the current gov hasnโ€™t learnt from the past..
        things are slowly coming into its place.. pray for Kerela.

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