Noble effort – 1.5 lakhs

Recently I went through an article in “Times of India” that surprised me by the effort of four students who donated their pocket money towards their school needs. Every one or the other day some where in the world still people help one another and prove that humanity still exist.

A government school near Kalyan Nagar in Bengaluru was in poor condition and needed repairs and development.

Nidhi Shankar Reddy, a pre-university student whose domestic helper’s son told her about the school’s poor condition, came forward to help for the cause. She realized that unlike her and the others, the less-fortunate students would not have access to necessary facilities. 

She roped up with her siblings Neha Reddy an SSLC student, Dhruva Reddy, a Class VIII student, Deekhshitha Reddy, a Class IV student pooled in Rs. 1.5 lakh from their pocket money and handed it over to the school authorities for development and repairs. 

As I read in Times of India, She quoted, “We are studying in a well-facilitated school but how are the poor students going to study without the fundamental facilities? So we decided to save some amount from our pocket money for that school’s development work.”

The school has received a new lease of life, with a new toilet, and freshly painted benches and classrooms. Thanks to these wonderful inspiring girls.

Source: Times of India

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  1. That’s inspiring. Let’s make it viral Chiru. 😊 I will definitely make my son to to do this, if not in large amount, start with whatever you get.
    He usually keeps his pocket money for less privileged people.😊

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    1. Yes Its a great inspiration to anyone towards helping others…
      It feels good to hear that your son is helping the cause…
      Kudos to parents like you and of those students who teach their children the value of humanity..

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  2. The content of this post is an example as to humanity is still prevalent among the younger generation… Kudos to those siblings….for paving the way and for practicing compassion and kindness and generosity in reality instead of the hollow words we are so accustomed hearing in microphones nowadays….
    Thank you for the share.

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    1. Yes they are… They just showed that we don’t have to be rich to help others…
      Thanks buddy..
      If you don’t mind I request you not to like the comments on every post.. my notification section is filled up and I miss other bloggers comments in notification yar.. don’t take me wrong but please don’t like the comments..

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    1. Yes I saw this article in Times of India.. I should say some Newspaper’s are still reaching and sharing us worthy information… These kids deserve more appreciation…


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