Choice – A short poem

“I chose my own path, that can make me do things. I messed up my entire life, that I have learnt the hard way. The outcome weren’t at all fun, that I have never expected anyway.

I wanted my own way, To write my own story
So I dive on astray, To seek my own reputation. I wanted to do what I desire, To determine my own worth So I wend out of comfort zone, To experience the unknown.

But Life is not a fantasy, that we dwell in the world of illusion. Life is a battlefield of infinite goals, that we struggle hard to achieve. The results aren’t all easy, that we had to pay heavy price.”

Lessons learnt

Don’t give up when you still have something to learn, Nothing is really over until you stop trying……..

It is okay to be less perfect, no one in the world is………. It is okay to take risks, It is by taking chances we learn how to be brave……

There is never the case of absence of love, for the easiest way to receive love is to give love…………

Remember HOPE is an important factor, Without Hope there is no purpose and without Purpose there is no Future…..

Copyright ©© Chiru, 2019
All Rights Reserved

69 thoughts on “Choice – A short poem

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  1. Be proud of every steps you have taken … For you have dared to walk a path others trembled to take.
    Be proud of every decision you took … For you are what you are today because of those brave decisions.
    Be proud of every one you dared to associate with … For each one of them have made a positive impact on your life leaving beautiful imprints of memories in your heart.
    As some one who knows you I can proudly say you are on of the best breed I have seen and outrightly honest about your opinion.
    I am honoured and proud to be associated with you as you are someone who dared to look into the eyes of Life and told I am ready … Take me on.

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    1. You know better yar…
      Of course Outcome may not be always positive but when the its self decision win or loss doesn’t matter, only thing that matters is I myself decided and I am happy about it.
      Ye kuch zyadha nahi ho gaya..
      You have always been kind and supportive in recent times.. I am grateful for the inspiration I got from you…
      Apadiye maane thene add paniko…

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      1. Haha….maane … thene yellam vendam. Mariyadhay manasile irundha podhum.
        Onnum zyadha aagale. Manasile pattadhu thaan sonne. Oralavukku unnaye theriyum adhu vechu sonne.
        Btw the rawness of the attempt was really appreciable. I really liked the unadulterated version of it.
        Be firm on your decision and hope for the best. Everything happens for a reason and the reason might be unknown to us right now but the result of your patience will be worth it.

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  2. Awesome! Straight from your heart. SOmetimes best things happen when we come out of our comfort zone, either we get to experience or a lesson, we learn and we grow. Hope keeps us alive and keeps us moving ahead. Great Chiru πŸ™‚

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      1. Yeah I have been away for almost five months, yes I am absolutely fine thanks for asking bro.

        It was just my mistake I took a long break for no reason, but now I will be writing more frequently.

        And hope to see you also more on WordPress.

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  3. You perfectly squeezed the meaning of life, of all our aspirations and endeavours in these lines. What is life without purpose and hope? Nothing, I don’t think I will be able to live without a purpose .. holding on is the secret I feel☺️

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  4. When you put a part of your life in words the words shine and that light passes to everyone who reads it.Your words here will empower many souls and give them hope.We all struggle and survive too.No one can defeat us but ourselves.So be strong my friend and keep shining!

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