Health tip # 67 – Super fruit


Cupuacu a close relative to cocoa plant is native to south America and is the national fruit of Brazil. Cupuacu fruit has been a primary food source in the Rainforest through out Brazil and Peru commonly used in fresh juice, ice cream, jam and tarts. Here are some awesome health benefits:

  • Cupuacu fruit has been traditionally used by the indigenous people to resolve abdominal pains.
  • This tasty fruit is abundant with anti-oxidants and is also regarded as an excellent breakfast among the people in Brazil.
  • Moisturization is probably the number-one most important aspect of a healthy skin care regimen and Cupuacu is best suggested as a moisturizer that restores skin’s elasticity and treat aging skin.
  • Cupuacu is the best alternative to shea butter for treating dry or brittle hair, improving hydration, shine, and softness.
  • Cupuacu fruit is known for regulating one’s immune system which helps in fighting off viruses. For this reason doctors recommend this fruit to treat viral infections.
  • Being great for bones, Cupuacu fruit cares for tendons and ligaments due to its high levels of amino acids, selenium and calcium.
  • Cupuacu butter has very high water absorption capacity that helps to obstruct the evaporation of moisture from the skin.
  • Cupuacu is also very good for controlling cholesterol levels in the blood and boosting brain activity, neutralize free radicals.

Note: There are no known side effects for Cupuacu. This super food is delicious, helpful to maintain your skin, hair, immune system and what else we need. Almost all kinds of nutrients and benefits can be found in this fruit which you will really love.

There are so many things in our world that are still not as popular in many people. Even with the technology that we have right now, there are still lots of things needed to be discovered and to be known.

Nature says, ” Come and discover…”

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