Health tip # 65 – Miracle fruit

Oh yes, Miracle fruit. It contains a protein that makes bitter things taste sweet. That’s right, when you chew this berry it causes sour substances to taste sweet, that’s why it was given the name Miracle fruit. It accomplishes this feat by utilizing a molecule called miraculin, which works by distorting the shape of sweetness receptors on the taste buds. 

Miracle fruit is native to West Africa, and it is believed to be eaten by Africans for hundreds of years prior to its introduction to the Western world. It was discovered in 1725 by Chevalier des Marchais, a French cartographer.

This fruit was not consumed for its own taste but was eaten before indulging in another sour food. Lets see some health benefits:

  • Historically miracle fruit is in use to improve the flavor of sour foods and as a sweetener for beverages like beer, cocktails and pickles.
  • By acting as a low-calorie, sugar-free additive in many meals, this fruit is an excellent aid in your weight loss efforts. You can add this in your daily tea/coffee and other sweet beverages.
  • Miracle fruit contains good antioxidant properties, which can help kill free radicals throughout your body.
  • Miracle fruits contains Vitamin A that helps in vision health, specifically a lower risk of macular degeneration and cataract formation as you age.
  • Miracle fruit is packed with 12 polyphenols/flavonoids that helps in controlling diabetes.

Note: Anything exceeding limit is injurious to health. It can cause acidity if consumed in excess.

37 thoughts on “Health tip # 65 – Miracle fruit

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  1. I have never seen it in the store, and never heard about it, are they coming to Europe as well? Seriously sounds like good fruit to try, but i’m nit sure i can find here🌸

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    1. These are native to African subcontinent.. Difficult to see in western or Asian countries, but yes I heard these are imported from Africa so should be available in Europe too if they are importing……

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      1. Yestery i checked well the biggest shop in Nice and they dont have, well we have big market in old town i will have a look when i go🌸

        Liked by 1 person

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