Worth of unknown discovery

You are the luckiest person when you come to know the cheapest thing you had is actually worth of millions. One such case from the history…………………………

First print of Declaration of Independence

Back in 1989, a Philadelphia man purchased a painting at a flea market for $4. He bought it not for the painting but because he liked the frame. So, once he reached home, he took apart the frame and was bewildered to discover another document hidden behind the painting.

It was an original, one of the first printings of the Declaration of Independence. The man then threw away the painting that was within the frame as he disliked it. He also threw away the frame because it appeared crooked. Thankfully, he kept the copy of the Declaration of Independence out of curiosity.

After two years, the he showed it to a friend who urged him to look into it further. He then called Sotheby(Art dealer company). Being hidden behind the painting in the frame, the document was in very good condition. Selby Kiffer, an Americana printing specialist at Sotheby’s, says, “The discovery of any first-printing copy of the Declaration, even a fragmentary one or a poor copy, would be exciting. But on this one, the condition is beyond reproach.”

On June 13, 1991, the printing was auctioned for $2,420,000. Donald J. Scheer of Atlanta, president of a fine arts investment firm called Visual Equities Inc., was the buyer….!!


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