Media sucks

Worst thing I read on Internet today…..

Pak Army: Where you live in India?

Abhinandan: I am not supposed to tell you this.

Indian Media: Chennai, TN, displays his address, releases picture of his wife, kid and his entire family details.


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      1. Actually there are some norms and regulations by government of India. And they forgot to follow those regulations. As I don’t think most of these journalist had done their masters where they teach you all these regulations. Today journalist feel they can do anything as they have to give news. But truth is that they are helping criminals indirectly.

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      1. Yeah..true..they just go for something to show..they dont think with this what all can happen …Pakistan would be thanking our media to tell every detail.. Horrible..Which plane, where he lived, his family. Seriously. Someone save our India.

        Good News is
        Israel, Russia, America, Japan etc. Every country is supporting India.. God bless all of them.

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      2. Media never cares… You are right.. it would be a easy for terrorists to track people down when our media just spread the news openly…. Recently I saw a post in FB someone posting a picture of Indian Spy who helps our Army… People don’t get have any sense…

        Yup Except China most of the countries are with us… Hope there is peace back again..

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      3. Yeah..China is an exception.

        I know right, they don’t have sense. Omg that’s so stupid..The person who shared is so like he/she doesn’t have sense of responsibility. That’s sad.

        Yepp, I too hope for Peace! ☺👍

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      4. Yeah. I heard the news.. That’s really good. The best part is Pakistan cannot do even a thing because saari countries uske sar pe chad jaayegi. So, we have a back. I think lots of. After all, good always wins over evil. Thats the rule in every way.

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      5. I just wish that is true…
        As far as i have heard, China always tried to occupy the border areas over arunachal pradesh… If they are supporting us then its peace..

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      1. Yeah! At least they have something sensible to put forward and aware the masses.
        Private Sectors are gold digger I must say, Hunger of popularity, Fame and Money. Nothing to do with Masses.

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  1. Well Media when being taught at the ground level for their graduation, very well ascertain the media ethics and rules to those who learn it. Infact there is a whole lot subject dedicated to this. Including the journalism ethics and acts and the other broadcasting media’s laws and ethics.
    But sadly when they join the real world journalism why do they forget their basics.
    In this above case it was unethical for the media to release a confidential statement which as Air force wing commander he didn’t forget.
    Isn’t it time there has been a curb on what is released by media, took place? Agreed as a Democratic country we have the right to speak and express but we should handle our freedom with care. Don’t you agree?

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    1. Its same for what we learn in school and what the outside world teaches us after the school.
      Society always ruins whatever we learnt..
      You are absolutely right about freedom with care.. We have the right to express but that doesn’t mean that we should play with other’s life.. I just hope Media understand the importance of secrecy..

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  2. Abhinandan is back🎉 bt yeah the indian media just cares about trp, 26/11 Mai bhi yehi haal tha, ye foreign wali media se kuch sikhna chaiye,yaha bas sensation banane mai lage rahte hai Har news😓

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      1. Saudi me toh government(king) ka raaz chaltha hai.. media is just media…
        hamare doordashan time wala but it’s ok type..


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