Kalanamak rice – Health tip # 60

Kalanamak rice

Kalanamak is one of the finest scented rice derives its name from black husk (kala = black; the suffix ‘namak’ means salt) Predominantly grown in Eastern UP and Nepal area. Kalanamak is traditionally grown using no fertilizer, herbicide and pesticide, which makes it suitable for organic cultivation.

It is believed that Kalanamak rice has been cultivated since the Buddhist period (600 BC).

As the history says, When lord Buddha visited Kapilvastu after gaining knowledge during the drought period, farmers requested Buddha for help and Buddha gave them the grains and asked to sow it in marshy place. Even today many Buddhist monks eat this rice. Here are some healthy benefits:

  • Kalanamak rice is rich in micro-nutrients such as Iron and Zinc that prevents the diseases borne from deficiency of vitamins.
  • Kalanamak is suggested for daily intake to treat blood and skin related problems.
  • Kalanamak is also highly resistant to notorious and used to treat panicle blast, stem rot and brown spot.
  • Buddhist monks believes that it is due to daily intake of Kalanamak rice they live longer than average human being.
  • They also strengthen, regenerate, and energise the body, regulate blood pressure, and prevent skin diseases and premature aging.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by….. You are always kind…. Yes even me… When I think i know hundreds of things, there is millions yet to be explored…. World is full of new things to learn..

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      1. Haaan.. There are more to it… More variety we haven’t even heard of… Kalanamak is now in competition with Basmathi rice for its finest quality..

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    1. Yes I think so… Black rice is the one..
      When I came across this rice I found there are many varieties of rice we haven’t come across.. There is so much to learn in this world.

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    1. There is more to it… There are more variety of rice we don’t even heard about.. Every time I find something it makes me realize that there are millions of things yet to be discovered..

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  1. I know about kalanamak rice, once I have eaten in my childhood bt can’t remember the taste, thanks yaad dilane k liye, if I didn’t visit Ur blog iske benefits Pata hi nahi chalte👍

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      2. Yehi best hai India k aur yehi bowlers bowl karenge wc Mai, ab good pitch aur dew k wajas se nahi jeet paye…
        Baki Aus ne bhi 350+ concede kar diya ND kohli agar no 3 par atta toh 380 pakka tha… They missed Dhoni’s wk also, crucial factor hai…
        Last match abhi bhi baki hai keep faith in Team India… 😉

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      3. Eng ne toh world record Bana diya Tha 490 ka against Aus, lag nahi raha hai yehi same team hai 😅
        Wc ke time ye Australians Alag hi team ban jate hai, “defending champions” 😂…

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      4. Yeah it is true chiru bt TV par highlights bhi nahi aata hai aur newspaper Mai bas ek chota se column kahi neeche dedicate karnge toh logo ko Kaise pata chalega?

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      1. Buddy I can’t stop myself asking you this question…..
        Is there any reason for liking all the comments of mine and other bloggers in every post…

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      2. 1. There is no reason to dislike.
        2. I like conversation of others. As conversation fulfil a post.
        3. Inspiration. More than 70% blogs abandoned due to lack of inspiration, like, comment and engagement of readers.
        4. Most readers do post, like post, comment on post but do not read and like comment enough.
        5. I learn a lot from post and reader’s comments. Sometime more information come from conversation than post.
        6. To whom I like more his traffic will grow itself.
        7. Readers like to engage more where they get likes the most.
        8. I don’t like only but do comment also.
        And lots of reason to like, but sorry to say, I am not so lucky to read and like every post at all. But I try to, I would be happy if I could do that.
        Thank you for your important and intelligent question.

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      3. I respect your perspective… But isn’t it blind likes…. and trust me liking others comments doesn’t make any sense.. Any way don’t want to interrupt your daily goal.. thank you so much for your generous answers…

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      4. If you are reading it then fine…. But you yourself mentioned that you don’t have time to read each and every comment so that literally means the same….

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