Strictly for 90’s born(not kids)

It feels great to reminisce about the Childhood memories that reminds us the best days we have ever lived till now. We would have already seen the memes and posts related with 90’s memories in social media, but still I would like to share some of the funniest Rumors/moments that only 90’s Kids born have understand………….

While debate is still on the go whether 90’s kids are kids or kids grown up through the decade, officially we ourselves would have come out of kids zone.

  1. Maruthi Omni car


This Car was used in most of the movies for kidnapping which ultimately scared us whenever a Omni passes through us. Every time I see Maruthi van, I thought some one is being kidnapped. This was infact true and it is also said that due to this fact Maruthi Omni was discontinued from the market.

2. By Eating twin bananas you can produce twin babies


We had this superstitious belief that when you had twin bananas, you’ll be lucky to have twins in future. This was so much believed that my cousins ate this twin bananas all her childhood till her teenage where medically we got to know eating twin bananas has nothing to do with having twin pregnancies.

3. WWE Star Undertaker has 7 souls


WWE is great on making fake things real, back then it was the best shows ever we used to watch on daily basis. The entry of Undertaker in the wrestling ring is the iconic of all time. People started believing that he died in some kind of accident or buried himself. All of a sudden, there were rumors everywhere that he rose from his own grave. More to more rumors were also there that Undertaker can never be killed.

4. Ricky ponting had spring in his bat, 2003 World cup


Who can forget the ever famous 2003 World cup, when India won 8 matches straight under Ganguly’s Captaincy. Though we lost the Final the world cup will always remain as a special memory in our life. The biggest mystery was how Ricky ponting could hit number of sixes which raised the rumor that he had spring in his bat and we waited almost two months in a belief that there will be re-match.

5. Add Gel pen for best handwriting


I still remember how worse my handwriting was, but when I had Add gel pen I had a great handwriting. It felt like a great achievement when I get star and excellent for my handwriting. That’s one way to impress my crush teacher..Lol…

6. Boomer scare


Every time when we accidentally swallowed the boomer, we thought we would die. Later we came to know that it was must to avoid swallowing at that age or else every food that we eat goes directly to the tummy. Don’t forget for years Boomer’s rate is 1 Rupee per piece.

7. MRF is a Bat manufacturing company


Ask any 90’s born and they would say MRF was a Bat manufacturing company. The “God of Cricket” ruled our decade with his performance with his Bat that MRF became a trademark of being a Bat manufacturing company.

8. Turning coins into Magnet


If you keep couple of coins on railway track and when it stuck under the wheels it will turn into a magnet. Seriously……Now I realize how dumb we were wasting those precious coins.

9. Red, orange, blue… green.. What color do you choose……..?


This is how we decide our destiny. First enjoyable game of our childhood as far as we remember.

10. Ink eraser


I strongly believed that the blue part of the eraser will erase the Ink. All I got was a hole in the paper where I tried.. then I stopped believing…

11. Peacock feather will give birth to kutti feather


I still remember I had one feather in every class notebook and check every one week to witness the birth of baby feather.

12. Slam book


Back then Slam book was the only connection through which it was possible to find someone before technology took over. Remember we all wrote our ambitions at the end of the page of becoming doctor, scientist, astronauts. All those are working in corporate office for 9 hours.

Biggest rumor of all time:

Just pass primary school and you will live your life,

Just clear your 10th board, you can enjoy your life.

Pass 12th then you are a free man.

Struggle for next 4 years then life is set.

All our life we lived with these rumors……..



60 thoughts on “Strictly for 90’s born(not kids)

Add yours

    1. Hahaha oh yes not only the hands but also the white shirt and get beaten by mom..
      Of course last page doodles who can forget.. every time teachers checks it we get scolded..
      there are much more than what I have mentioned here

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Ohh, this is so relatable and funny. I remember all of this, though officially I was not born in the 90s. But, I have experienced all of this. 😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The life before technology evaded was so much for fun…..and almost all what you told are relatable especially the peacock feather, twin bananas, slam book. The cassettes, Maruthi Omni, ink eraser…
      A very refreshing post, it took the readers to the past and its glorious memory days.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You are welcome. Well just think how our patents felt about us at the advent if computers, cell phones, internet. We weren’t completely lost. I think their focus is different. It’s still important to allow children to be children but PARENTS are their children’s worst enemies. They allow too much time on internet, phone, etc. Children have to be given limits and also good examples

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      2. Of course so true… Parents should have some control over their children
        The exploration is needed for every kid to understand the outside world… I wonder how the next generation would be….

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much Priyanka..
      Oh really I will have a look… School days gives a glimpse of memory and its the best we can ever have in our life..


  2. This post made my day. I’d like to add more:
    – if you swallow a tamarind seed, a tree is sure to grow out of your tummy.
    – if you eat uncooked rice, there will be a heavy downpour on the day you get married.
    – if you play with the shadows, you’ll not grow tall.
    – if you go under the tamarind tree at night, the evil spirits will haunt you.
    – if you see odd number of kuruvis, you will be thrashed by your teacher in school.

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