Valentine’s day in her memory

“The luckiest person in the world is the one who gets proposal from the one whom he/she loved the most”

Here’s a small poem from the memory lane………….

You made me love you from the day, I made my eye contact with you,                                   You walked in and asked for my name that was the day I knew,

The day you cried for my failure and made me realize you are there,                                           I would never felt more alive.

As the days passed, I knew it was the perfect time to propose you,                                            To my surprise you proposed me for you knew I were to shy.

I couldn’t believe you asked the day you want to marry me.                                                          I loved you from the first day, from the you never knew about me.                                              I will still love you until my last, for the love of my heart…………!!!!

©© Chiru, 2019
All Rights Reserved.

34 thoughts on “Valentine’s day in her memory

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  1. Chirpy, the best you could give for the love of your heart. Words written in the language of heart for the everlasting memory in your heart. Love cannot be expressed more exquisitely. Only the best for the one etched in your heart. Happy Valentine’s Day Chirpy….

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