2019 first Tag for my Blog, Thanks to Vaibhavi

I couldn’t post regularly here due to my work schedule in recent times. In fact I was worried about my irregularity.  The tag from Vaibhavi is one way kind of boost to get back in track. Thank you so much for the tag Vaibhavi.

Do visit her blog for inspiring and unique posts that will keep you interested in all of her contents on regular basis.


Vaibhavi’s questions :

1. What gives you inspiration to write? 

Back in my earlier job, we used to share random inspiring short stories/ articles to boost our teammates and keep them connected. This was one reason to start this blog. A little inspiration matters a lot and could bring a change in someone’s life.  

2. Are you a spiritual person or you just believe in yourself?

It would be a lie if I say I am spiritual. Its not that I don’t believe…. But there is a saying that God helps those who help themselves. So believing yourself comes first.

3. What does ‘Karma’ mean to you?

Here I can say Karma is the first thing I believe. The boomerang fact……!!!

As long as karma exists, World keep on changing.

4. Do you think communicating is the best way to solve a problem?

Of course yes. Communication is the only way to solve problems. At least you would come to an conclusion instead of hanging it around for days and months.

5. Where do you see yourself in the future?

Dreams are usual so does the future plan. But as as of now living in present is the only thing I focus on.. Future kisne dheka hai.. .Jo hoga dheka jayega.

6. Any book you’d like to suggest?

I too weak in this… Last book I read was Chetan bhagat’s half girl friend..

7. What do you think about Life & Leisure ?

I have been blogging since July and its rare to find inspiring contents. I found few blogs inspiring and you blog comes in that list. Keep posting encouraging contents that would make a difference in people who read it.

It would be injustice to tag just 5 or 10 bloggers. So I am keeping it open to all.

Here are my questions. Feel free to answer in comment box.

  1. Which one is best for life where safety is concerned.. Living in a free country with no rules or living in a country where you have to follow every single rule?
  2. What is the best film you have seen that gives inspiration for life?
  3. If you get a chance to destroy plastics completely, would you do it ?
  4. What is the best advise you would give to your 16 year old self?
  5. Narrate one of your unforgettable moment in your life.
  6. Any positive message you want to share

43 thoughts on “2019 first Tag for my Blog, Thanks to Vaibhavi

Add yours

  1. 1. A country where you have to follow every single rule. I know people say Rules are meant to be broken but they are there for a reason. A country without rules will be a mess, there will be no action for crossing the red light, drinking and driving, other things like wearing seatbelt, and everything..they are there for our own safety. Without the rules everything will be a mess, no following of traffic rules , there will be more accidents, more deaths, more unclean environment, more mess. So, its better to have a country with rules than a country without rules.

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  2. great to read we have similar attitudes Chiru!

    2. The Razor’s Edge starring a very young Bill Murray, the only movie I have watched repeatedly!
    3. yes I would rid the world of plastics, we coped before they came so let’s get rid of them

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    1. That’s great Kate.. it feels good when we know someone share similar attitude..
      Razor’s blade.. I haven’t seen it yet we see it
      Plastics is the first major disaster we should get rid of…
      Thank you Kate

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