Gaurdians of the gates

We often talk about the underrated superstars with respect to Cinema, Sports, Politics, Environmentalists, Social workers etc…. But don’t realize the importance of gate keepers/ securities who work 24/7 all over the country guarding us and our homes. Be it is office or residence without securities it is almost unsafe to live in this modern world.

It is estimated that we have around 80 to 90 lac people or even more who work as securities and guards all over the country. We all would have seen them on daily basis but do not recognize and infact for us they are just nameless people.

A recent survey says that 95% people come far away from their homes. They all serve different purposes in larger cities in India. We see them at our residence gate, ATM corner, Malls, Corporate companies gates. They become our eye and helping hands. We can’t deny the fact that apart from their duties they help us with our personal need at times, they serve our apartments day and night like our own. For this job they stay away from their home for days to months in order to send every single penny to their family.

After all these I wonder have we even saw them eye to eye, infact every time we just turn blind eye. Just 8 hours of job makes us tired while they work straight 12 hours stretch and come back next day with same activeness.

When offering daily greetings to our elders seems tirey job for most of the youngsters, they greet us with smile every one of us and the guests who visits us even after knowing we are complete strangers to them.

We just have to do one simple thing to make them feel better. Respond to their greetings, smile back when they do……. That costs nothing but gives a little happiness to them and make their day better………..!!

A wise man once said, “Response is the easiest way to occupy space in someone’s heart...”

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  1. Good and valid point you made Chirpy … Each and every small thing we do to make someone’s day better is the best contribution we could do to make the world a better place to live in.
    Just addressing them by their name and greeting them with a smile and acknowledging their wish makes their day.
    Wonderful post as a dedication to all the guards.
    As ever you shined up the light for us….keep shining and keep us in light Chirpy…

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