Health tip # 53

Palmyra Palm(Panang kezhangu)

Sprouts of Palmyra Palm is one of the healthy food native to Indian subcontinent. Commonly known as Panang kelangu or Nungu in Tamil has been used as a traditional food for ages. The white kernel of the ripe palm fruit after being left for a few months to germinate the sprouts. Here are some awesome benefits of the forgotten traditional food :

  • Palmyra palm is rich in dietary fibre that have high water holding capacity and soften stools.
  • Palmyra sprouts have low-GI and hence good for diabetes.
  • Palmyra Sprouts helps maintain our red blood cell count with proper amounts of iron that can improve the circulation of blood in our body.
  • Sprouts of Palmyra is considered useful in preventing Cancer due to its antioxidants properties. 
  • The Fiber in Palmyra sprouts helps to make you feel full, both by adding bulk to your bowels thus helping you in weight loss.

How Sprouts are grown: 

These are abundant only at the seasons of month January from March.  Usually each palm fruit will have three seeds and these seeds are planted in specially made soil nursery beds to grow. After 3 to 4 months the seeds starts to grow. These seedlings below the surface are lifted out. 

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    1. Yes if people follow all these natural foods I am sure most of them can prevent cancer…. But this doesn’t applies to people who smoke and spoil themselves.


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